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Place: Mirador Adkintuwe cerro Challupen, camino nuevo a cerro Challupen s/n, Licanray Chile; entrada en camino S95-T km 3.2 de Licanray a Coñaripe (o km 28 de Villarrica a Coñaripe), Licanray

Country: Chile

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Easy.

Description: Zona de Vuelo Licanray , cerro Challupen, Licanray , Región de la Araucanía Chile.

Take-off: 39°28′39"S, 72°7′15"W, altitude 650 meters, GR 3 (see in google map).
SW Orientation, 80x 80 m, with good slope, bushes in front.
Needs some sw breeze

Landing: 39°28′46"S, 72°8′11"W, altitude 250 meters (see in google map).
two options.
Private field "Official" (NW), its closer , needs authorization from owner.(coordinates indicated)
Lava Beach (SW), needs good glide ratio "6.6" (better lifting currents to reach it in the afternoon).

Weather and wind at this place: Cold Rain forest weather
South West Breeze good for flying

Going there: From Villarrica take bus to Licanray (30min) , then ask for Mirador Adkintuwe cerro Challupen, new road to Challupen Mountain ; entry at 3.2km road S95-T from Licanray to Coñaripe (or km 28 Villarrica to Coñaripe)
wooden bus stop (wooden sign showing parapente area). 4x4 dirt road 400 m height difference. one hour walking.

Special flying rules at this place: Permission to owners of take off (private land)
Permission to owners of official landing field (private land)
There is another landing on the Lava beach but needs lifting currents to reach it.

Usually practicable from december until march.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

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