El Penon, Valle de Bravo
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Welcome to El Penon, Valle de Bravo (92) flight site

Place: Albarrada, Temascaltepec

Country: Mexico

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : In progress.

Description: One of the best flying sites in Mexico (and probably in the world). During the months of December to May the conditions allow for flights on the 100’s km order, with cloud bases of 4,500 plus meters msl.
330 flyable days from November to June 99% every day flyable.

Take-off: 19°3′41"N, 100°5′27"W, altitude 2336 meters, GR 4 (see in google map).
The launch was expanded on 2008 by the government of the Estado de Mexico as part of the improvements for the Mexico 2009 Paragliding World Championship.
Nice slope and ok for no wind takeoff in the morning and late afternoon.

Landing: 19°2′45"N, 100°6′32"W, altitude 1775 meters (see in google map).
The official landing is a big grass field 2.5km in front of the launch. Height difference 600m.
Landing during the day is turbulent due to termic activity.
Very safe landing for begginers in the morning and in the afternoon.
Afternoon wind normaly blowes from the right (W,NW)

Weather and wind at this place: From February to the beginning of the rain season the conditions get stronger, with rough air and strong winds almost all day.
During the rain season conditions are mellow, but there is risk of fast overdeveloping, with strong thunderstorms.

Going there: http://www.paraglidingmexico.com/en/about-us/paragliding-valle-de-bravo

Special flying rules at this place: www.clubpenon.org

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 4.

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