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Welcome to Skyline (96) flight site

Place: Skyline Drive, view point, Kingston/St. Andrew

Country: Jamaica

Activities: Paragliding

Level of difficulty : Medium.

Description: Site on the outskirts of Kingston at 450m asl overlooking the city. Asphalt road to launch which is next to a viewpoint with parking lot. The local pilots also installed a solar powered weather station right there. This was the first flying site in Jamaica (2001), but is NOT a beginner’s site.
Video footage:

Take-off: 18°1′48"N, 76°44′26"W, altitude 450 meters, GR 1 (see in google map).
Short and steep grassy launch under intimidating power lines right at the road.
Lunch site is maintained by Paragliding Jamaica pilots group.

Landing: 18°1′14"N, 76°44′33"W, altitude 220 meters (see in google map).
We got permission to land at University of Technology (U-TECH) sports field. However, the LZ is surrounded by buildings, trees and power lines, so ’restricted landing field’ skill is required. As bail-outs we have used a school yard N of LZ and the Botanical Garden W of LZ.

Weather and wind at this place: Site mostly protected from E trade winds. Normally from 8am to 4pm good anabatic breeze straight up the hill. In dry conditions sometimes too strong for comfort.
Weather station on launch:

Going there: Drive from Kingston to Papine and follow Gordon Town Rd. Turn left into Skyline Drive all the way on asphalt road to the view point.

Special flying rules at this place: Please inform Jurgen +1876.366.5265 or Vivian +1876.369.0174 before launching.
We would appreciate if you uploaded your flight at Leonardo OLC (

Usually practicable from january until december.

Number of accidents occurred: 0.

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