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Oriental Paragliding 南洋飞行伞
Oriental Paragliding 南洋飞行伞 picture

Paragliding Two stars school Flight school, Oriental Paragliding 南洋飞行伞 (38)

Country : China

Manager : Richard Tan yun fee (10474)

Address : 0 Beijing and Shenzhen

Email address :

Phone number : +86 13911518602

Registered on: 26 Jul 2011

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants Tandems
  • Courses
  • Tandem flights
  • Expeditions
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment repair
  • APPI instructor
  • Tandem instructor
  • SIV instructor

Other services :
Education system implemented, APPI INTERNATIONAL Cooperation with available sites around China especially Sichuan region Due to it's favourable condition all year round, Guides to visiting pilots, rust off, expedition, eating sight-seeing, dancing and singing

GPS coordinates : 0°0′0"E, 0°0′0"N (see in google map)

Open from : january until december