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Eagle Paragliding
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Paragliding Two stars school Flight school, Eagle Paragliding (53)

Country : United States

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Manager : Robert Sporrer (10926)

Address : 1107 Castillo Street, 93101 Santa Barbara

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Phone number : +1 8059680980

Mobile number : +1 8059680980

Registered on: 20 Jan 2012

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants Tandems
  • Courses
  • Tandem flights
  • Expeditions
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment repair
  • APPI instructor
  • Tandem instructor
  • XC instructor
  • Master instructor
  • XC master
  • Perfo. trainer

Other services :
We offer Instructor and Tandem Instructor training programs, SIV clinics, and tours all over the world.

Description: Eagle Paragliding is the perhaps the most respected paragliding school in the united states. Our training program is used as a foundation for schools across the country. we train instructors how to teach paragliding. our staff includes world record holders, us paragliding champions, and pilots that compete on a world championship level. everything from the equipment we sell to the service we provide throughout a pilot’s paragliding career are at the highest level in the industry. our students are students for life. we are immersed in the paragliding world as full time instructors and pilots. we look forward to sharing the gift of free flight with you.

GPS coordinates : 119°42′28"W, 34°25′5"N (see in google map)

Open from : january until december