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Paragliding Three stars school Flight school, Colombia Paragliding (99)

Country : Colombia

Website :

Manager : Russell Agnew (11299)

Address : Kasa Guane Bucaramanga Calle 49 #28-21, Bucaramanga

Email address :

Phone number : +57 76782722

Mobile number : +57 3124326266

Registered on: 29 Jun 2012

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants Tandems
  • Courses
  • Tandem flights
  • Expeditions
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment repair

Other services :
Reserve Repacking, intermediate day courses, tours to Chicamocha Canyon (minimum 4 persons), dormitory accommodations.

Description: One of the best fly sites in South America. There aren’t many places in the world that you can launch, land, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat 350 days per year. We offer private rooms with hot showers next to launch and a great view of the city. Classes are Monday thru Saturday from 9-12 and 3-6. We typically have students flying by the 3rd or 4th day and pilot certification within 15 class days. New/used paragliders at a much better price than U.S. or E.U.

GPS coordinates : 73°5′28"W, 7°2′35"N (see in google map)

Main school flight site : Voladero Las Aguilas

Open from : january until december