APPI Instructors have a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Their pedagogical abilities in teaching paragliding make them a solid choice to learn paragliding from….

A - Prerequisites

Minimum 18 months after having gotten their qualification validated, the APPI assistant instructor may take the APPI instructor exam to validate APPI instructor qualification.

B - Examination

This exam is given by a master plus another instructor or master (double validation).

Exam is based on:
- Theoretical knowledge judged on open questions to develop.
- APPI system knowledge, and ability to use APPI system.
- Glider trim control mastered.
- Demonstration of tandem operation featuring perfect safety procedure and good technique.
- Student guiding on take off and landing.
- Theoretical session given to students.
- Practical session prepared with APPI pedagogical tools and given to students on the field.

C - Prerogatives

APPI instructors can create an APPI school. It will appear on the APPI worldwide school red map.
Instructors can certify students inside the APPI system up to APPI 3 pilot.
With the double validation of another instructor, instructors can certify APPI 5 advanced pilot rating.
Instructors can teach tandem operating and certify APPI non commercial tandem pilot.
Assist APPI Master Instructors during formations and courses for any APPI certification.

D - Evolution

An APPI instructor can get additional specialties certification: XC instructor, sky guide, SIV instructor, acro and D bag trainer, speed ride instructor and handyfly instructor.

E - APPI Instructor duties

- Register their student in APPI system (if not, student is not covered by your instructor’s insurance).
- Give an APPI logbook to your student.
- Gliders used for school should be in good state and adapted to student’s skills and morphology.
- Contract a third party liability pro insurance if available.
- Inform student about benefits to contract a liability insurance and risks to fly without(if applies).
- Follow the APPI education system and validate students steps in their logbook.
- Validate student qualifications according to APPI standarts.
- Report in APPI system any accident when involved or student involved;
- Respect rules and regulations of the countries he is flying and teaching (working laws).
- Act in an exemplary manner (value of example).
- Free welcome visiting APPI pilot.

F - Skills validation

A paragliding instructor that is not APPI member may ask recognition of his skills. The process consists of attending a 10-12 days Pro-workshop and take the exams at the end of the workshop. To qualify as an APPI instructor, the student should provide proof of:
- a minimum of 4 years paragliding activity,
- a minimum of 40 tandem flights as pilot,
- a minimum of 15 students taught from first flights to first autonomy (IPPI 3),
- first aid certificate,
- proof of advanced SIV (video),
- mandatory maneuvers:
- pitch control on dynamic spiral exit,
- side collapse, autorotation and recovery,
- stall, backfly, recovery
- spin min 180° + recovery,
- deep spiral damped exit.

If the master in charge has any doubt about practical skills, they might ask for a demo solo flight prior any tandem flight.

Solo Tasks: clean take off with safety check, 2x360 exit on axis in less than 15 sec glider stabilized, pitch and pitch control, landing with 4 sec minimum straight final in a 15m diameter target.

Instructors with Swiss of French tandem certification, please contact secretary for simplified procedure.

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When validating an APPI level, the APPI instructor is responsible to ensure that the student can perform all the required tasks for the APPI level certification. The instructors decisions are final with no right of appeal.
APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI organization and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done unless APPI certification is recognized by local authorities. check with them if such an agreement exists.

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification APPI instructor
Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
10768 Roland Dorozhani AL-Albania PG Instructor 2014 www.aeroclubalbania.com Aeroclub Albania (86)
10170 Pablo Lopez AR-Argentina PG Master Instructor 2015 www.lopezsat.com Safety Acro Team (17)
11148 Martin Vallmitjana AR-Argentina PG Instructor 2015 Parapente Patagonia (208)
11151 Pablo Sanchez AR-Argentina PG Instructor 2015 www.volarparapente.com.ar Limite Azul Escuela (79)
14819 mariela guzman livingston AR-Argentina PG Instructor 2015 Parapente Patagonia (208)
14822 silvio ojeda AR-Argentina PG Instructor 2015 Vuelo Libre Ushuaia (222)
10928 Mitteregger Alois AT-Austria
10761 Ted Jenkins AU-Australia www.alpineparagliding.com Alpine Paragliding (41)
10778 Brooke Whatnall AU-Australia www.highadventure.com.au
12229 Peter Bowyer AU-Australia www.paraglide.com.au
13077 David Wainwright AU-Australia www.highadventure.com.au High Adventure Paragliding (178)
15294 Alexander Makarov AZ-Azerbaijan PG Instructor 2016 canfly.az CanFly Paragliding (221)
11413 Mirvad Zenuni BA-Bosnia and Herzegovina PG Instructor 2015 www.extremesport.ba Paragliding Academy Sarajevo (96)
13059 Zoran Petrovic BA-Bosnia and Herzegovina PG Instructor 2015 Krila Juga (Wings of south) (177)
10050 Gergana Georgieva BG-Bulgaria Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
10137 Emil Kirilov BG-Bulgaria PG Master Instructor 2015 www.sky-camp.com Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
10909 Hristo Slivkov BG-Bulgaria PG Instructor 2015 Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
12021 Tzvetan Tzolov BG-Bulgaria PG Instructor 2015 www.verticaldimension.com Vertical Dimension (182)
12382 Svetoslav Enchev BG-Bulgaria PG Instructor 2015 Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
14538 Svetoslav Solomaha BG-Bulgaria PG Instructor 2015
14540 Ivo Gerov BG-Bulgaria PG Instructor 2015 www.sky-camp.com Sky Camp Paragliding School (11)
11113 Mauricio Braga BR-Brazil www.aprendavoar.com.br Aprenda voar (243)
11441 Mohammed Yaseen Fathi BR-Brazil www.skysport-iq.com skysport-ıq (144)
10128 Herve Cerutti CH-Switzerland www.nendaz-parapente.ch Element Air (5)
10130 Marc Pugin CH-Switzerland www.gruyere-parapente.ch Gruyere Parapente (110)
10131 Amandine Pugin CH-Switzerland www.gruyere-parapente.ch Gruyere Parapente (110)
10174 APPI Equivalence CH-Switzerland PG Master Instructor 2015 www.appifly.org APPI International (1)
11079 Alain Zoller CH-Switzerland www.siv-at.pro SIV Air Turquoise (204)
11473 Beni Kalin CH-Switzerland PG Instructor 2015 www.chilloutparagliding.com
11485 Laurent Borella CH-Switzerland www.twistair.ch
12575 Marcelo Augusto Pairoa Mücherl CL-Chile www.parapentevillarrica.cl Escuela Marcelo Pairoa (202)
10196 Jim Qin CN-China
11353 Ronald Enrique Mendoza Gonzalez CN-China www.airtoplay.com Air to Play Paragliding (85)
11821 Linchao Yuan CN-China Lin Zhou Paragliding Club (117)
10694 Erik Sanchez CO-Colombia www.parapenteando.co Parapenteando (35)
11175 Javier Fernando Castro Acosta CO-Colombia www.volandoenparapente.com Volando en Parapente (68)
11289 Juan Carlos Rios Pulgarin CO-Colombia PG Instructor 2013 www.paraglidingjerico.com club vuelo libre nube extrema jerico (104)
11298 Ricardo Mantilla CO-Colombia www.colombiaparagliding.com Colombia Paragliding (99)
11299 Russell Agnew CO-Colombia www.colombiaparagliding.com Colombia Paragliding (99)
11336 Ruben Dario Montoya Vargas CO-Colombia PG Instructor 2017 www.paraglidingmedellin.com Pajaros150 (150)
13190 Manuel Viola CY-Cyprus www.cyprusflyadventures.com Cyprus Fly Adventures (162)
13962 Demetris Antoniou CY-Cyprus PG Instructor 2015 www.parafly.com.cy Para Fly (195)
11265 Craig Papworth DE-Germany
14124 Jose Luis Moronta Hernandez DO-Dominican Republic PG Instructor 2016 www.hawkparagliding.com Jarabacoa-Palo Blanco (212)
10668 Santiago Duque EC-Ecuador PG Instructor 2013 www.quitoparagliding.com Quito Paragliding (34)
10675 Jorge A. Duque C. EC-Ecuador PG Master Instructor 2013 www.flyecuador.com.ec Flyecuador (33)
11305 Edgar Paul Soria C. EC-Ecuador PG Master Instructor 2015 www.flyniton.com.ec Escuela de Parapente Tungurahua (149)
11806 Sebastian Carpio Vélez EC-Ecuador PG Instructor 2013 www.aeparapente.com Pajaros150 (150)
12784 Jorge Mora Arana EC-Ecuador PG Instructor 2013 Opeturmo S.A. (Parapente Montañita) (159)
10309 Ivan Ripoll Julia ES-Spain Nomad Paragliding (26)
10364 Carlos Gonzalez ES-Spain www.horizonte-vertical.net Horizonte Vertical (28)
11093 Raul Rodriguez ES-Spain Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
11094 Felix Rodriguez ES-Spain
11329 Jose Ramon Perez Martinez ES-Spain www.paraglidingspain.co.uk ZEROGRAVITY / PARAGLIDING SPAIN (82)
11469 Jordi Marquillas ES-Spain PG Master Instructor 2013 www.entrenuvols.com Entrenúvols (100)
12020 Antonio Castro ES-Spain www.parapentetropical.com Parapente Tropical Flight Centre (131)
12306 Jaume Duran ES-Spain Entrenúvols (100)
10005 Mathieu Abrard FR-France PG Master Instructor 2014 misty fly (40)
10064 Sabrina Thielen FR-France PG Master Instructor 2014 misty fly (40)
10171 David Eyraud FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Paragliding School of Passagers du Vent (18)
10173 Stephane Henry FR-France PG Instructor 2015 www.haut-les-mains.fr Ecole Haut Les Mains (19)
10262 Hubert Rochas FR-France
10527 Samuel Falaise FR-France
10591 Stephane Leclezio FR-France www.ecole-parapente-pyrenees.com Air aventure Pyrenees (61)
10684 Michel Rudolf FR-France PG Instructor 2015 www.parapente-planete.com Parapente Planete (78)
10797 Gilles Deleani FR-France
10798 Armand Dard FR-France Cordill'air (69)
10859 Fabien Cuervo FR-France
10914 Manu Bonte FR-France PG Master Instructor 2013 Flyinfrog (50)
11114 Francois xavier Lauri FR-France www.bourbonparapente.com Bourbon Parapente (52)
11218 Eric Argant FR-France www.argantair.fr Argant'Air (65)
11371 Nicolas Villet FR-France Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
11476 Fabien Blanco FR-France PG Instructor 2015 flyeo.com Flyeo (141)
11547 Serge BONIN FR-France www.wanderairs.com
11740 Eric Gentelet FR-France www.azurtech.com
12419 olivier ELBET FR-France PG Instructor 2015 www.aerotrek.fr
12538 Dosogne Yann FR-France
13011 Bruce Goldsmith FR-France PG Master Instructor 2015 www.flybgd.com Bruce Goldsmith Instruction (156)
13230 Jean Patrice Lebreton FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Axiom Para (245)
13749 Bertrand Collet FR-France
14113 vincent brisard FR-France PG Instructor 2015 Changer d'air Parapente (228)
14481 Sylvain Galerant FR-France PG Master Instructor 2015 han-vol.org Han'Vol (244)
14659 Francois Ragolski FR-France PG Instructor 2015 www.francoisragolski.fr
14660 Loraine Humeau FR-France
14710 Jerome Sarthe FR-France PG Instructor 2015 www.jeromesarthe.com CERPP (207)
15337 Emmanuel Denecker FR-France PG Instructor 2015 www.changerdairparapente.com Changer d'air Parapente (228)
15614 nicolas ranque FR-France PG Instructor 2015
16127 Patrick Magnier FR-France
16360 Olivier Cotasson FR-France PG Instructor 2015
10003 Zabdi Keen GB-United Kingdom PG Master Instructor 2015 www.flyingfever.net Flying Fever Paragliding School (2)
10127 Maurice Geraghty GB-United Kingdom www.flyingfever.net Flying Fever Paragliding School (2)
10133 Alex Ledger GB-United Kingdom www.skyschooluk.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
10176 Kester Haynes GB-United Kingdom www.skyschooluk.com SkySchool Flight Centre (7)
10380 Rob Arnold GB-United Kingdom www.para-excellence.co.uk
11310 Gilberto Cipriani GB-United Kingdom Skydemic Flying School (103)
11380 Toby Colombé GB-United Kingdom www.passionparagliding.com
10724 Asterios Makrovasilis GR-Greece PG Master Instructor 2015 www.paragliding.olympicwings.com Olympic Wings (36)
14315 Stavros Kostulas GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 flyandfun.gr FLY & FUN (194)
14318 Fotis Grivas GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015
14319 ioannis Katsandredakis GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 www.cretanparagliding.gr Cretan Paragliding (206)
14320 Evangelos Stamellos GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 o2paragliding.gr Oxygen Paragliding (220)
14322 giorgios amaxas GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 freesky.org FREE FLIGHT (217)
14323 Dimitris Chondros GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 Skyland (210)
14324 Claudia Kenk GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 paragliding.olympicwings.com Olympic Wings (36)
14327 ioannis xiros GR-Greece PG Instructor 2015 paraglidingfun.gr paraglidingfun (225)
15225 Panagiotis Savelonas GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016 PARAGLIDING (237)
15226 Dimitrios Spiroglou GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016 ermis fly (233)
15227 Savvas Kakoulidis GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016 Cumulus paragliding (218)
15229 Georgios Tsousis GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016 FREE FLIGHT (217)
15230 Joachim Skondras GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016 www.noborders.gr No Borders Paragliding (241)
15231 Stergios Karapoulios GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016 No Borders Paragliding (241)
15232 Panagiotis Tsiranidis GR-Greece PG Instructor 2016
10903 Echeveria Zamora Yankell Giovanni GT-Guatemala ppgguatemala.wordpress.com Xejuyu Free Fly Park (51)
10006 Patrick TROUBET-LACOSTE HK-Hongkong PG Master Instructor 2016 Latroube Adventures (20)
14705 Ivica Knezevic HR-Croatia PG Instructor 2016 www.parafreek.hr
10135 Avi Malik IN-India PG Master Instructor 2015 www.templepilots.com Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
10478 Debu Choudhury IN-India hi-fly.in Hi Fly (32)
10492 Tanaji Takve IN-India www.paraglidingmantra.com Paragliding Mantra (42)
10503 Sanjay Pendurkar IN-India www.indusparagliding.in Indus Paragliding (27)
10552 Ankush Takve IN-India PG Instructor 2016 www.templepilots.com Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
10553 Sunny Kolekar IN-India www.templepilots.com
10586 Ganpat Newale IN-India PG Instructor 2016 www.templepilots.com Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
10767 Sanjay M Rao IN-India www.flynirvana.com Fly Nirvana Paragliding School (48)
11143 Samson Dsilva IN-India www.paraglidingmumbai.com Space Apple (56)
12105 Mangesh Dighe IN-India www.paraglidingindia.com WINGS AND FLIGHTS (227)
12148 Jitendra chindaliya IN-India PG Instructor 2016 www.templepilots.com Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
12149 ganesh gaikwad IN-India PG Instructor 2016 Temple Pilots Paragliding School (9)
13469 Ravindra Shelar IN-India www.flynirvana.com Fly Nirvana Paragliding School (48)
13467 hawkar mohammed esmail IQ-Iraq
10607 Mohammad Razeghi IR-Iran PG Advanced Pilot 2016 www.parsskyclub.com ParsSky (31)
11068 Vahid Nazari Nasab IR-Iran PG Assistant Instructor 2016 www.cirrusfly.com Cirrusfly (87)
11333 Shahin Fallah IR-Iran shahinfallah.blogfa.com Iran Paragliding School (84)
11354 Hamid Sarajan IR-Iran PG Pilot 2016 www.hamidsarajan.ir ParsSky (31)
11394 Masoud Rahimi IR-Iran www.paramotor.ir Sepehr Ashian Club (105)
11174 Enrico Patuzzi IT-Italy www.flylibell.com Fly Nirvana Paragliding School (48)
11662 Fabio Loro IT-Italy www.mantaonline.it Asd Manta (112)
13174 Marc Fenianos LB-Lebanon PG non-commercial Tandem Pilot 2016
10785 Dusan Stevovic ME-Montenegro PG Instructor 2014 www.adriafly.com Adriafly (176)
10004 Mendo Veljanovski MK-Macedonia PG Master Instructor 2014 www.acromacedonia.com Acro Macedonia (3)
14372 Marko Hrgetic MX-Mexico PG Master Instructor 2015 www.paraglidingmexico.com Paragliding school Flumen (Escuela de Vuelo) (209)
15795 JOSE LUIS YEPEZ S. MX-Mexico PG Instructor 2016 www.gofly.com.mx GoFly México (236)
15826 Salvador Lara MX-Mexico PG Instructor 2016 www.parapentitis.com Parapentitis vuelos en parapente (234)
15869 Miguel Gutierrez MX-Mexico PG Instructor 2016 www.alas.com.mx ALAS DEL HOMBRE (232)
10474 Richard Tan yun fee MY-Malaysia PG Assistant Instructor 2015 Oriental Paragliding 南洋飞行伞 (38)
10002 David Arrufat NP-Nepal PG Master Instructor 2014 www.paragliding-nepal.com Blue Sky Paragliding (21)
10062 Sano Babu Sunuwar NP-Nepal www.babuadventure.com Babu Adventures Paragliding School NEP (123)
10065 Damodar Parajuli NP-Nepal PG Instructor 2016 Blue Sky Paragliding (21)
10244 Dilan Benedetti NP-Nepal
10538 Adam Hill NP-Nepal www.himalayan-paragliding.com Frontiers Paragliding (44)
15217 Bimal Adhikari NP-Nepal PG Instructor 2016 cumulusclouds.net
10134 Lisa Bradley NZ-New Zealand www.extremeair.co.nz Extreme Air Queenstown School (8)
10195 Maurice Mathey PE-Peru Fly with me Peru (24)
11384 Arturo Wong PE-Peru PG Instructor 2016 www.infinitycross.com Infinity Paragliding School (91)
12239 Loqman Almutawa QA-Qatar Qatar flying school (151)
12720 Ali Al saadi Alyafei QA-Qatar www.flyqat.com Qatar flying school (151)
11317 Miodrag Bujic RS-Serbia www.pk-cirus.org Cirus (93)
11863 BRANKO JANKOVIC RS-Serbia www.zlatibor.rs
11572 Sergey Shelenkov RU-Russia shelenkov.ru
14317 Dmitry Gusev RU-Russia PG Instructor 2015 www.extreme-style.ru Extreme Style (219)
15293 Vladimir KHASKELEVICH RU-Russia PG Instructor 2016 Extreme Style (219)
15295 Andrey Saprunov RU-Russia PG Instructor 2016 www.fly-chegem.com Paradrom "Chegem" (239)
15296 Denis Silaev RU-Russia PG Instructor 2016 Paradrom "Chegem" (239)
10683 Sinan Tarakci TR-Turkey PG Assistant Instructor 2015 www.flyanatolia.com Fly Anatolia Paragliding School (57)
10756 Erdogan SANSLI TR-Turkey PG Assistant Instructor 2015 www.istanbulparamotor.com Istanbul Paramotor & Paragliding (39)
10843 Muzaffer Can ERGIN TR-Turkey www.mayaparasut.com skysports paragliding (94)
11330 Sanlı Fidan TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 www.teyak.com Paragliding Club of Tekirdağ (98)
11395 Murat Tuzer TR-Turkey PG Master Instructor 2015 www.skysports-turkey.com skysport-ıq (144)
11402 A. Onur ERTAS TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 www.skysports-turkey.com skysports paragliding (94)
11412 HASAN CANSIZ TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 www.skysports-turkey.com skysports paragliding (94)
11568 Bora KÜÇÜKYILMAZ TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 www.skywalkers.com.tr SkyWalkers Paragliding School (121)
12178 Zebur Mercan TR-Turkey SkySchool Oman (230)
13499 YILMAZ ACIKGOZ TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 www.ucuskulubu.com Reaction Paragliding (201)
14656 yigit yildirim TR-Turkey PG Instructor 2015 ucuskulubu.com Reaction Paragliding (201)
10138 Dale Covington US-United States PG Master Instructor 2016 Www.flybigskypg.com Big Sky Paragliding School (12)
10926 Robert Sporrer US-United States www.eagleparagliding.com Eagle Paragliding (53)
11132 Michele McCullough US-United States www.evolutionmindbodyflight.com Evolution Mind Body Flight (158)
15360 Blake Pelton US-United States PG Instructor 2016 SpeckedOut.com
15361 Hayden Dudley US-United States PG Instructor 2016
15367 David Thulin US-United States PG Instructor 2016 High Country Paragliding (223)

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