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David ArrufatDavid Arrufat

Founder of APPI, David realized his dream of a worldwide educational system with the highest standard. Acro pionner, SIV Master, David fed APPI with his unique simplicity and good humor.

Bruce GoldsmithBruce Goldsmith

President of APPI, Bruce Goldsmith is just a legend in the sport. World Paragliding Champion 2007, Paraglider designer and owner of ’Bruce Goldsmith Design’ known as BGD, and also Hang Gliding Champion (Cross Country). Author of article series ’Icaristics’ in XCmag, and ’50 ways to fly better’, Bruce is also member of APPI Pedagogical committee.

Alex LedgerAlex Ledger

In charge of APPI PPG and APPI Paratrike development, Alex is travelling everywhere. A complete adventure sports addict and a passionate Paragliding and Paramotor Master.

Manu BonteManu Bonte

A Mechanical engineer, Manu has worked as a test pilot for 8 years in the devlopment team of the French paraglider brand Nervures. He was also in charge of quality and ageing control. Today his primary activity is arranging and instructing Cross Country clinics all around the world. Manu is also a journalist and author of the book Parapente Sauvage. The Flying Frog is internationally known for his amazing pictures and adventurous journeys around the world. Manu is president of the APPI pedagogical committee where his perfectionist streak is driving high standards.

Hervé CeruttiHervé Cerutti

Acro pioneer, Swiss champion, smile addict, Hervé Cerutti supports APPI in administrative affairs in Switzerland, while APPI team is traveling around the world.
Founding and honorary member

Mathieu AbrardMathieu Abrard

SIV Master born from APPI Educational system, Mathiew supports APPI courses documents development. He is also responsible on quality control for international standards. Mathieu is also member of APPI Pedagogical committee.

Christian NougaretChristian Nougaret

APPI webmaster, behind the computers, he is in charge of APPI IT system. Chris is a computer engineer fully dedicated to the project, a sweet and determinate man. Also APPI treasurer.
Founding and honorary member.

Claire NobileauClaire Nobileau

Complementary staff secretary, Claire is in charge of printing APPI certification cards and APPI postal responsibilities worldwide.

Zabdi KeenZabdi Keen

Documents supervisor on educational affairs and collaborator for illustrations of APPI Manuals. Zabdi is also member of APPI Pedagogical committee.

Sanu Babu SunuwarSanu Babu Sunuwar

Totally born from APPI Educational System, Babu supports APPI projects promotion. With the film Hanumam Airlines Fly over Everest, winner of Saint Hilaire Film Festival, 2011, APPI celebrate its Grand Opening, helping to consecrated Babu the adventurer of the year by National Geographic.

Marion Le-lièvre

Collaborator for designing the APPI logbook, Marion is a talented designer.

A place to share your projects, connecting all people together and for the benefit of all.

Join Us. See Life.

The passion upon which APPI was founded, has lead to APPI pilots coming together for challenging adventures, to develop paragliding around the world.

APPI projects improve the relationship between paragliding, the environment, education and adventure. We aim to enrich mankind’s understanding and encourage sensitivity, while offering challenges. APPI wish to manage project ideas from all over the world.


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