Go pro

Have a live loving the job you do, your Lifestyle and your Freedom
Get a life worth living : become an APPI Professional

To have a life which most people only dream of. Working on a local paragliding Center or School, or traveling worldwide, the adventure of a lifetime is in your hands. Imagine a job where you are happy to work in the morning. Where flying to incredible places could be the rule, especially if you work in an exotic flying destination. Even more pleasure to work making people happy and get paid for it!

You can do it anywhere in the world in such marvelous places, beneath the clouds. The bright of the people which always wanted to do it but have been scared and then to have them learn and see their happiness. To watch the pilots enjoying their flights, to know great people throughout the world, always enjoying your work because you are always surprised by the beauty of the sky. To understand that once we learn to fly we all have such transformations… special beings, your life can never again be the same and you made your choice. Sky bird !

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It is about transformation – both in yourself and your life.