How to join APPI

Welcome to APPI !

Paragliding without borders with the best standard everywhere you go! An evolutionary system and worldwide flying community.

This is our priority and this is the reason APPI exists.

1 - Become a new member:

More than ten Individual Solo Pilot Standard Courses, from beginner to advanced levels and many other additional programs, using a modern and revolutionary Education System. Plus many specialty courses for professional levels. You can login, update and download all documents online.

Please go to Start paragliding.

2 - Already a certified pilot, tandem pilot or instructor ?

Applications must be sent online to application equivalence for Solo or Professional Pilots and further procedures to be completed.
- For pilots, your level must be validated by an APPI Instructor,
- For tandem pilots and instructors, you need to participate to an APPI workshop.

3 - Already a certified pilot or instructor from a national Federation?

Only a few federations are accepted as an equivalency, please go to Equivalence.
In this case, you will just need to learn and pass a test to validate your knowledge of the APPI education system and APPI rules.

4 - How can an Association or Club join APPI?

To register a school in APPI system you need to be a certified APPI instructor, or to register a tandem center you need to be a certified APPI tandem pilot, go to get affiliated.

Instructors - there are many advantages of joining APPI!

With APPI you have all course models ready, tested and approved to a high international standard. More than 27 paragliding courses available. Everything is practical and very well organized for you, making your life much easier, because our models are based on high-quality graduations. Once logged-in, you have online access to download all documents, exams and applications.

By registering your school, you will be Internationally connected and appear on the APPI website, World paragliding map, and be easily reached. It gives to your school easy access to pilots and to new students for all Paragliding Courses and Formations.

APPI has an evolutionary system which means, once you register your school as an APPI Fly Center and follow the APPI Education System , you will receive many benefits from it. APPI brings you security for your future.

Quick Important Rules :

  1. Your APPI Certification Card has a PERMANENT VALIDITY to be activated online every year, in an automatic system, as a benefit of being a member.
  2. Having your school as an APPI Center or School, your target is to add the APPI Education System , you don’t need to change your own system, but add APPI to it. This is beneficial, as APPI has a top International Standard containing all FAI recommendation and much more.
  3. After application, validation and fees payment, you will receive an APPI Certification Card (sent to your address), and an APPI login (to verify information and receive the multiple online benefits). Thereafter, you must register your students online, in your name and in the name of your School. Becoming an APPI instructor, you will be able to access online all APPI documents for applications, all courses, formations and examinations.
  4. Any accidents must be reported to APPI, information provided will be kept confidential. It will help APPI to develop safe and high standards for Paragliding.
  5. When any fully qualified APPI pilot arrives for the first time at your School, you must welcome him at your flying site, give him one first day free assistance, important information and one flight check. If the pilot has not got the requirements for flying at the site, a course should be proposed.

APPI makes you HAPPY

- APPI Instructors retain their rating by being exemplary APPI Members.
- Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI Instructor Certification Card.


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