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How to Register/Modify a Member

You must be a valid APPI instructor and work in a school to have access to these options.

1. From My account page click on ’Register/view/email a member’.
2. To register a new member, choose ’0’ then click ’OK’, otherwise go to step 4.
3. If the manager of your school allows you to charge membership fees for a new student by the school, and if you wish to do so, check this box.
Otherwise, the student will still become an APPI member, but must pay the annual fee to access all the facilities of the site, to train for exams online, and receive their APPI certification card.
4. For a new member, these fields are mandatory.
Beware, if the email address is wrong, the member won’t receive the license number and password.
Write the postal address and country where the member wants to receive their certification card.
Choose the second instructor only if you want to select a qualification which needs two instructors. See certifications rules.
Other personal information is optional.
In case of registration error, you can modify your student personal information, until he/she confirms their own account.
Go to step 5.
5. To modify a registered APPI member, write the license number, then click ’OK’.
Use this option to add or validate qualifications to an APPI member.
6. For a new qualification, check the desired box.
When a student starts a course, first register the qualification ’in progress’, then when the course is successful, validate it.
7. Here the qualification ’Advanced pilot’ needs to be validated by two instructors. In this case, the first instructor registers the qualification, and a second instructor validates it. The first instructor cannot select ’-validated’ option.
See certifications rules.
The first instructor register the qualification: ’-in progress’, and the second instructor, selected above, validates it when the course has been completed.
The second instructor will receive an automatic e-mail, to inform them when the course has been completed, so they may proceed with the student validation.
8. In case of equivalence, write the previous name of Federation (only some Federations are recognized by APPI), and the pilot’s license number.
In this case, the student doesn’t need prerequisites to get this qualification.
9. To finish, don’t forget to click on the button ’OK’.
Note for: new APPI members, ask your student to check his/her e-mail box to get their license number and password sent from APPI, and then the account must be confirmed with all personal information.
To receive the APPI membership card, the member must be in ’-affiliated’ status, and must confirm his/her own account (with a valid ID photo), and have paid the membership fee (except if already paid by the school).