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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2013

Dear Amazing APPI community,

In this Christmas newsletter, we would like to especially thank you - our friends, students, instructors, masters, partners and faculty - for making 2012 a great year for APPI. We hope 2012 was full of fun and adventure for you. Wherever you are on the planet, the APPI team wishes you all the best for the holiday season and 2013.

With 2012 almost over, we wanted to take a second to stop and reflect on this beautiful community that we’ve all created together. The numbers are mind-boggling!

  • Thousands of us are getting this email today, and that number is almost doubling in the last several months!
  • We’re come together from 83 nations.
  • We’ve taken action, online and offline, to improve international paragliding standards and told over thousands friends about important qualification and safety rules for our sport.
  • Our voices is bringing awareness to many paragliding federations and associations worldwide.
  • Many of us have donated time and belief working for APPI, to create a real international paragliding organization and community. Still we are young and will be happy to have your active participation for its improvement.
  • We do our best to fight for an international insurance to all members; we believe that this will come as APPI grows.
  • Many instructors from several different countries, have already successfully started using the APPI Education System to certify students.
  • Many pilots and instructors from the most diverse countries are demanding APPI Equivalence.

But behind all this is so much more: thousands of people coming together with an action that is powerful enough to break frontiers and give equal opportunities of learning and teaching. Something has changed in some really, really big ways for our sport.

With enormous appreciation for every lovely and committed person in this unique community.

APPI wishes a Merry Christmas and happy new year to all!

Your APPI Team.

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