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Newsletter In English - August 2015

August 2015
1) APPI at ChengDu Art Creative Forum and Exhibition
2) New master of APPI pedagogical committee
3) PPG News
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses
APPI Expo Chengdu China 2015

1) APPI at ChengDu Art Creative Forum and Exhibition

APPI China attended Art Creative week in ChengDu, Sichuan on July 18-19.

Organised and sponsored by Cluster-Here (ChengDu), APPI PPG Secretary and Master Instructor, Alex Ledger from the UK was invited as a keynote speaker, the topic of ‘Linking Extreme Sports to Youth’s Life in China’ talked about the education system of APPI. Also how APPI and extreme sports bring positive significant impacts on youth in both personal and social lives.

APPI Expo Chengdu China 2015

The exhibition, for the first time ever, features installation art, extreme sports, and digital visual art in the city of Chengdu.

More than 200,000 citizens have been introduced to the sport of paragliding during this event.

APPI Expo Chengdu China 2015

Meanwhile, 6 paragliders were exhibited in the outdoor space of the city-heart of ChengDu for almost 1 month.

The ‘Paragliding Working Holiday Week’ is a follow up program offering to Chinese youth to gain life and work experiences in UK and of course the knowledge of paragliding. More details will be announced soon.

For enquiries, please contact APPI China Secretary, rebecca@appifly.org

2) Welcome to Stelios as master of pedagogical committee

New APPI master of pedagogical committee

Following the participation of the Greek instructor Stelios Makrovassilis in an APPI workshop in Greece on last June, we are pleased to raise him to the rank of APPI Master Instructor.

Then following the decision of the pedagogical committee, he was elected member of this committee.

Pedagogical committee has to grow to represent different paragliding communities.

- Introducing to Stelios Makrovassilis:
In the Greek paragliding community, every pilot knows Stelios. He was one of the first Greek pilots, the first Greek instructor back in 1994. He has been an APPI instructor since 2011, and running the biggest Greek school for 20 years now (1800 students from all over the world). He has lots of experience in paragliding teaching, from first flights to XC, cooperates with lots of big schools from Europe offering special flying seminars.

Some words from Stelios:
I believe in the idea of APPI to be an international education system, for this I would like to give my support. With my contacts to many professional paragliding schools, I can help make APPI widely known and pass on the idea of APPI. I am interested to develop the pedagogic system especially for more advanced pilots and use my knowledge and experience from many years of flying guiding of pilots with different levels. The professional levels of APPI are very important and I would like to support the spreading of these seminars for APPI.

Thank to Stelios for his support to APPI community, and we wish to him to make us many new APPI pilots worldwide.

3) PPG News

APPI at the exhibition of Chengdu, China

Letter from Alex Ledger - APPI PPG & ParaTrike Secretary:

As the Founder and Secretary of APPI PPG I am very sad to report the death of Dean Eldridge after a Paramotoring accident which took place in North East Spain on the 7th July 2015. I taught Dean how to fly Paramotors in 2005, after which we worked together in my school in Spain as Instructors for over 3 years. Deano was a fantastic instructor and, as one of the founders of APPI PPG, he helped to improve the safety of the sport through his excellent instruction around the world. He was an extremely talented pilot and gained an international reputation as one of the best Pylon Racers and Aerial Cameramen in the world, as well as world record holder. An accident report is currently being prepared and will be published on the APPI PPG website soon. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him, as well as by those he never met but influenced in his own unique and charming way. This obituary by XC Mag is a fitting tribute to him.

All PPG pilots need to know about the potential risk which occurs with low level Paramotoring on small canopies.

See the report of this accident: PDF - 1.1 Mo

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- Advanced Coastal Clinic at Bali, Indonesia, 21-30 August 2015.
Organized by Temple Pilots Paragliding School.
The Course will include the following:
1. Cliff Launching Techniques
2. Coastal Soaring Techniques
3. Top Landing Skill Development
4. Ground Handling & Kiting Skill Development
5. Safe Flying under Supervision
6. Briefing & Debriefing Sessions
More infos here.

- Festival Flight & Fun, Vrachos Beach (Preveza), Greece, 8-9 August 2015.
Fun flights by the beach of vrachos/ water games/ grill / Music Party with djs at the beach at the night.
For more information, contact Fly & Fun APPI school.

- APPI workshop in Bulgaria, Sopot, 15-30 September 2015.
Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Partnership and Expert Fund.
Advanced courses for pilots, courses for tandem pilots and courses for instructors.
With Mendo Veljanovsky, in collaboration with Sky Camp Paragliding School.
For more infos and registration, contact Victoria.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Oludeniz, Turkey, 16-22 October 2015.
Professional workshop for the validation of APPI tandem pilots and APPI instructors.
With Mathieu Abrard, Murat Tuzer, Manu Bonte, Bruce Goldsmith (paragliding world champion 2007), Mendo Veljanovsky, Zabdi Keen, David Arrufat... in collaboration with skysports paragliding.
For more Information and registration contact skysport or Murat Tuzer +90 532 6167008.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Patagonia, Argentina, 4-12 December 2015.
With Pablo Lopez and Manu Bonte, in collaboration with Safety Acro Team.
More information and registration here.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Colombia, March 2016.
More information and exact dates later.
For registration: secretary@appifly.org.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in USA, 11-19 June 2016.
With Dale Covington and Manu Bonte, with the collaboration of Big Sky Paragliding School.
More information and registration: secretary@appifly.org.

If you organize or know any paragliding & paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share this with APPI community.

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