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Newsletter In English - July 2015

July 2015
1) Report of the workshop in Greece, June 2015
2) Various APPI infos
3) PPG News
4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

1) Report of the workshop in Greece, June 2015

Workshop Greece 2015

From the 6th to 12th of June 2015 at the base of Mount Olympus (Greece), APPI held a Pro-workshop organized by Stelios Makrovasilis - Olympic Wings - and led by Manu Bonte, master instructor of APPI pedagogical committee.

This Workshop was intended primarily to very experienced instructors (with as many as 20 years experience) who wanted to validate their skills in APPI.

In addition to advanced information on the technical aspects (evolution in design of gliders and influences on piloting and equipment maintenance) they have received specific courses on pedagogy and psycho-pedagogy, with presentation of specific tools to organize and improve teaching sessions.

The practice of pro-tandem was also discussed: the customer relationship, civil and criminal responsibilities, and review of procedures.

All received concrete answers to their questions, and have acquired the tools and practical methods to fly and teach with greater security, with particular emphasis on the influence of human factors.

The 15 participants expressed great motivation.

One master instructor, 10 instructors and 4 tandem pilots had their skills certified in APPI.

2) Various APPI infos

APPI card

- Update of APPI presentation slideshow for instructors.
This slideshow is now updated and succinctly presents the complete operation of the APPI web site for an instructor.
It allows you in less than 10 minutes to know almost all the possibilities available online.
Downloadable via the download page in the menu instructors, in PDF format or slideshow in "open document" format.

- Form validation on APPI educational system and APPI rules for instructors registered by equivalence.
Only for instructors recorded by equivalence, it is now possible to validate your knowledge of the rules and operation of APPI and its education system by completing a multiple questions questionnaire.
This form is also used in the pro-workshops to check your knowledge about APPI rules.
It will be issued during the validation process.

3) PPG News

APPI at the exhibition of Chengdu, China

In July, APPI PPG & ParaTrike Secretary Alex Ledger is visiting China as part of a cultural exchange between the UK and China.

During his trip, he will represent APPI at an Exhibition in Chengdu followed by a Paramotoring Masterclass for Chinese Paramotor pilots.

Then in August, a group of Chinese students will travel to the UK in order to learn how to fly, and experience British culture.

APPI hopes that this cultural exchange will help the rapidly developing sports of Paragliding, Paramotoring and ParaTriking in China as they are becoming more and more popular.

4) Some upcoming Paragliding events and courses

- APPI will be present at the exhibition of Chengdu, China, 17-19 July 2015.
Followed by a PPG workshop in China.
More infos contact the APPI secretary in China or for the PPG workshop, the PPG secretary.

- 2015 Iranian paragliding Kermanshah open, in Iran, 22-29 July 2015.
Iran Paragliding comptition 2015 is the Iranian national annual competition. This comptition is a Leg of Ir and the seconanian Leagued one .The purpose of the event is to provide safe, fair and satisfying flying contest so that the best pilots will be awarded and also to reinforce friendship among pilots and international sports cooperation.
More information and registration: here.

- Advanced Coastal Clinic at Bali, Indonesia, 21-30 August 2015.
Organized by Temple Pilots Paragliding School.
The Course will include the following:
1. Cliff Launching Techniques
2. Coastal Soaring Techniques
3. Top Landing Skill Development
4. Ground Handling & Kiting Skill Development
5. Safe Flying under Supervision
6. Briefing & Debriefing Sessions
More infos here.

- APPI workshop in Bulgaria, Sopot, 15-30 September 2015.
Supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Partnership and Expert Fund.
Advanced courses for pilots, courses for tandem pilots and courses for instructors.
With Mendo Veljanovsky, in collaboration with Sky Camp Paragliding School.
For more infos, contact Victoria.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Turkey, Oludeniz,16-23 October 2015 (to be confirmed).
Professional workshop for the validation of APPI tandem pilots and APPI instructors.
More information and registration: manubonte1@gmail.com.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Argentina, December 2015.
More information and exact dates later.
For registration: secretary@appifly.org.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in Colombia, March 2016.
More information and exact dates later.
For registration: secretary@appifly.org.

- APPI Pro-Workshop in USA, April 2016.
More information and exact dates later.
For registration: secretary@appifly.org.

If you organize or know any paragliding & paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share this with APPI community.

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