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Newsletter In English - June 2013

June 2013
1) Fly more project in Bulgaria
2) APPI PPG News
3) New in the APPI system
4) Photo of the month winner

1) Fly more project in Bulgaria

APPI will contribute to this project by choosing experts for open forums and professional training.

Travel cost, accommodation and salary will be funded by the project.

5 acro demonstrators will also be invited by the project to display their skills at the AIRHEADS festival in Sopot (5-8 September).

Questions about this project can be directed here:

Emil Kirilov project manager,

Katrin Hrusanova coordinator of the project,

Victoria Atanasova is the coordinator for partners ( APPI ).

More details coming soon!


2) APPI PPG News

APPI PPG Master Instructor Dean Eldridge came 2nd at Slalomania on a Parajet Zenith paramotor.

Dean will also be running another APPI PPG Instructor course in the UK in July. Enquiries can be directed to: secretary-ppg@appifly.org.

APPI PPG Safety Officer Chuck Drew is currently filing a report on a recent incident involving a Paramotor pilot who flew into power lines at an event in the UK. The report will be published shortly on the APPI PPG website and Facebook page.

APPI PPG Secretary and Master Instructor Alex Ledger managed to crack Infinity Tumbling with the assistance of Pal Takats.

3) New in the APPI system

A school manager can add an instructor or an assistant from another activity (eg. PPG) as a staff working in his/her school.

Don’t forget to add the APPI logo with a link to www.appifly.org or www.appippg.org in the main page of your school website.

Before ordering your APPI certification card, be sure to check and if necessary correct your current mailing address in the "My Account" page.

4) Photo of the month winner

May’s photo of the month winner is Olivier Peyre (11590) from New Zealand.

He will receive 2 carabiners by Zicral.

your APPI team.
www.appifly.org or www.appippg.org