Newsletter in English - January 2018

January 2018
1) Hot APPI news
2) APPI pro-workshop reports
3) PPG news
4) Upcoming APPI workshops and events

1) Hot APPI news

- Update of professional qualifications for paragliding members.
In accordance with the decision of the Paragliding Pedagogical Committee voted on October 2015, APPI instructors, assistants and tandem pilots who did not participate in a pro-workshop lost their APPI professional certification as of December 2017.
As a result, all APPI members with a current pro rating that attended and succeeded in one of the 26 pro-workshops that have been given worldwide so far. They form the steady foundation on which APPI will be able to keep on growing.
Any APPI members that had a pro rating from the early ages of APPI by equivalence and did not attend a pro-workshop so far, are invited to do it at their convenience. The pro-workshops schedule can be found on this page.
This necessary action was also a condition of our insurance company who offers us an excellent insurance coverage at a particularly low cost. This first year of insurance was quite positive with a very low rate of accidents, however we need to improve the number of leisure solo pilots contracting the insurance to stabilize our position, its a vital issue to be able to pursue our collaboration with our insurance.

- Availability of APPI paragliding insurance.
APPI paragliding insurance is available for European, Swiss and Turkish citizens and residents.
A summary of our insurance policy is also available in Turkish.

APPI Education System v2.2

- The The APPI education system has recently evolved a little..
♦ Open sky pilot and adventure pilot qualifications have been renamed respectively APPI 1 Discover and APPI 2 Explore.
♦ New certifications :
It certifies people trained to help handicapped pilots, (pushers, helpers) or to help Handifly Tandem Pilots in their activity. They are trained to take care of a wide range of handicaps.
APPI 4 intermediate pilot.
it is obtained when the pilot has APPI 3 pilot qualification with dynamic soaring AND thermal certif + minimums of 50 flights, 30 hours, 3 different sites flown. Basic SIV is recommended. This certification establishes an equivalence with FAI IPPI 4 level.
♦ Technician certifications have been reorganized in a new family: technician (in addition to leisure pilot certifications and paragliding pro certifications).
We find there so far:
Winch operator and Winch instructor.
Rescue packer, Control & Maintenance Expert and Control & Maintenance Instructor.
♦ Speed riding certifications have been disconnected from paragliding.
This means that its now possible to get speed riding leisure and professional certifications without necessarily going thru paragliding certifications. We take advantage of this to welcome into APPI the Valfrejus ATAKA speed riding team, among the most experienced speed-riding schools worldwide.

- Logbook :
The APPI logbook is now translated into Greek, Turkish and Albanian and available in the APPI download section for affiliated members.
It il also available in English, French, Spanish, Macedonian and Serbo-croatian.
A new version outlining the changes made to the APPI education system will be available soon.

- APPI exams :
The full exam database has been checked and renewed and is ONLINE. It covers the whole APPI program as well as APPI system and pro-workshops. It’s already available in English, Spanish, French and Russian.
Translation in Serbo Croatian, Albanian, Greek, Macedonian, Persian and Turkish are in progress.
Affiliated members can train here.
For Instructors, the new test and exam tool is now available and fully operational :
♦ Prepare an exam or a custom test.
♦ Debrief a student after an exam.
♦ Have statistics on group test or exams.
Find a tutorial video here.

2) APPI pro-workshop reports

- SIV workshop in Bosnia & Hercegovina by APPI master Mendo Veljanovski.
The workshop was held in Ljubuski, Bosnia & Hercegovina (theory and maneuvers on the ground) and Makarska, Croatia (Maneuvers above the water).
It was organized by the local club of Ljubuski. Organization was supported by the elementary school of Ljubuski by giving us a classroom for theory lessons.
It included theory, rescue packing practice, maneuvers on the ground and maneuvers above the water.
Seven pilots out of fifteen passed SIV workshop.
APPI SIV workshop Bosnia 2017APPI SIV workshop Bosnia 2017APPI SIV workshop Bosnia 2017APPI SIV workshop Bosnia 2017APPI SIV workshop Bosnia 2017APPI SIV workshop Bosnia 2017

- Mini workshop in Greece with APPI master Asterios Makrovasilis, November 2017.
APPI workshop Greece November 2017APPI workshop Greece November 2017

3) PPG news

APPI PPG Workshop Oman 20172017 ended well with APPI PPG & ParaTrike Master Instructor Alex Ledger running an Instructor Workshop in Qatar organised by the talented Qatar Airsports Team.

He will run the next APPI PPG & ParaTrike Instructor Workshop in Thailand, organised by the Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand, from the 17th February - 3rd March.

This is followed by two Instructor Workshops run at the same time over the 18th - 25th March.

One will be run by Master Instructor Zebur Mercan in the Philippines and the other by Alex Ledger and Stelios Makrovasilis in Greece, which is the second time Stelios has organised an APPI PPG & ParaTrike Instructor Workshop.

For further information about joining one of these Workshops in Thailand, Greece or the Philippines contact: PPG secretary.

4) Upcoming APPI workshops

- APPI Paragliding Handi tandem workshop in El Bolson, Patagonia, Argentina, organized by Sylvain Galérant, Master APPI Handi, February 12-16, 2018.
By developing the practice of paragliding with people with disabilities, we want to allow an audience, often put aside, to discover new sensations. In flight, the handicap is forgotten !
By concentrating our first actions on the El Bolson site, we also want to make valid drivers and schools aware of the practice of handi flying. Both to change the look on disability but also to encourage more accessible take-off areas, maybe even to open some of them.
The chair, through Vuelo Semilla, will remain freely accessible on the site.
For more information and registration, contact Sylvain.

- Paragliding pro-workshop in Kosovo, Prizeren, April 21-30, 2018.
Given in English/Albanian with the collaboration of Aeroclub Albania and the support of Kosovo NAC, Kosovo AAC and Kosovo Aviation Academy.
For more Information and registration contact here.

- APPI Paragliding pro-workshop in Nepal, Pokhara, February 2018, date not yet fixed.
For more information contact Blue sky secretary.

See here for planned APPI pro-workshops for paragliding and here for PPG.

If you organize or know of any paragliding and paramotor festival or meeting, give us this info to share with the APPI community.

The APPI team wishes you a Happy New Year 2018.
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