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Pro rescue Packer

APPI Pro rescue Packer successfully completed a course on how to recognize, inspect, pack and install different models of reserve and in various kinds of paragliding harness or containers.

Rescue packers may inspect and repack reserves professionally.

Certification issued by an APPI Control & maintenance instructor.

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification T1 Pro rescue packer
Name Country Label Certification Website School
12085 Edison Rodriguez Sanchez CO-Colombia In progress PG Pro Tandem 2013, PG Assistant Instructor 2021 Parapenteando aeroclub escuela (35)
10914 Manu Bonte FR-France Validated PG Pro Tandem 2011, PG Master Instructor 2012 Flyinfrog (50)
15891 Alex Ciuhandu FR-France Validated PG Pro Tandem 2018, PG Instructor 2018 www.go2fly.f... Go2Fly (274)
17548 Frank coupat FR-France Validated PG non-commercial Tandem 2020, PG Pro Tandem 2020, PG Instructor 2020 ecole-speedr... ataka speedriding school (269)