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Speed Ride Instructor

Speed Ride Instructors are Instructors specialized in speed-riding.

Speed riding is about ski on snow while flying a small glider loaded in excess of 5kg/m2 flat area. The Speed Ride instructor has the competence to elaborate courses for this specific activity which mixes skiing and flying.

Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the certification Speed ride instructor
Name Country Label Certification Website School
11148 Martin Vallmitjana AR-Argentina Validated PG Pro Tandem 2012, PG Instructor 2012 Parapente Patagonia (208)
10128 Herve Cerutti CH-Switzerland In progress www.nendaz-p... Element Air (5)
15611 David Blanco Torres ES-Spain Validated PG Pro Tandem 2017, PG Instructor 0000 www.speedrid... Escuela de parapente: Speedriding.es (282)
10914 Manu Bonte FR-France Validated PG Pro Tandem 2011, PG Master Instructor 2012 Flyinfrog (50)
17548 Frank coupat FR-France Validated PG non-commercial Tandem 2020, PG Pro Tandem 2020, PG Instructor 2020 ecole-speedr... ataka speedriding school (269)
19218 Emmanuel GUIHARD FR-France In progress PG non-commercial Tandem 2020
10004 Mendo Veljanovski MK-Macedonia Validated PG Pro Tandem 2010, PG Master Instructor 2010 www.acromace... Acro Macedonia (3)