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What is APPI?

A) APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) is an association based in Switzerland that was founded in 2009

- APPI is a pioneering International Paragliding organisation, which brings an evolutionary Education system of the highest quality.
- The main goal of APPI is to offer pilots and instructors a worldwide united education system. Many pilots travel, and APPI gives them the confidence to find consistent quality education in certified APPI schools all around the world. APPI allows those traveling pilots to progress in the same education system wherever they travel. In 2020 APPI has 188 schools in 50 countries and more than 10000 members in 134 different countries.
- Thanks to the quality of the teaching, and the weight of its community, APPI gained the confidence of a major insurance company and is able to offer pilot and instructor liability insurance at a low rate and with very good coverage. This type of insurance is rather complicated to obtain due to the potential expensive consequences of a paragliding crash. So far we have already succeeded for European citizens (even living abroad) and European residents, as well as for Swiss and Turkish citizens, and our insurance company is working to extend the offer to other countries.

B) APPI is a quality label based on:

1. A well documented education system implemented by a worldwide cosmopolitan pool of highly respected instructors.

- Pilot manual.
- Pilot Logbook in which the contents of each training level are described is available in English, Spanish, French, Serbo Croatian, Macedonian, Greek, Persian….and is being translated in to other languages.
- Online theory training and exam with a question pool covering all matters and levels, from beginner to expert.

The education system is regularly evaluated and updated. It is in perpetual evolution and incorporates the latest knowledge, which is vitally important when we consider the fast evolution in glider design and its impacts on safety.

2. A network of APPI certified professional pilots:
The network of APPI tandem pilots, instructors and schools provides a consistent and guaranteed level of quality. It covers a big part of the paragliding planet, allowing those traveling pilots to find an APPI school almost wherever they wish to fly.

3. Field pedagogic actions:
Pro-workshops are organized worldwide for APPI professional tandem pilots and instructors. The goal of these seminars is to constantly update the theoretical and pedagogical knowledge of APPI members.

C) APPI and national & international authorities

1. At APPI we are convinced that a strong local federation of pilots in a country is critical for paragliding development, and is key for airspace regulation, national competition, and many other issues.
If we can help any federation or local authority with our experience and training program to build a synergy, we do so enthusiastically. APPI is the official training system in some countries, the number of countries where the APPI certification is recognized is constantly increasing.

2. APPI has an excellent relationship with FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) which is the main authority in the sport. We have been working together on the FAI international standard SAFEPRO. FAI allows APPI to issue their certification in certain countries (IPPI card -safepro certification).

D) APPI official cooperation agreements

APPI is respected worldwide, and collaborates officially with several national free flight authorities.
The APPI representative committee works on increasing the number of official agreements in order to have APPI certifications officially recognized in more countries worldwide.
Below please find the list of official cooperation agreements we have already signed:

PDF - 266.1 kb
Hong Kong agreement
PDF - 463 kb
Bosnia herzegovina agreement
PDF - 5.7 Mb
Ecuador agreement
PDF - 172 kb
Emirates agreement
PDF - 762.6 kb
Kosovo agreement
PDF - 727.3 kb
Afghanistan agreement
PDF - 2.7 Mb
India agreement

Are there borders in the air? APPI want to promote borderless certifications with high quality and a high safety level.

APPI presentation

APPI is a Swiss non-profit independent organization that receives no financial support from governments or companies.

APPI International, MSA - 41A route des Jeunes 1227 Carouge SWITZERLAND