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The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, Inc.

Foreign Ratings

Issuance of Foreign Equivalent Ratings
Observers / Instructors may issue a foreign pilot a USHPA rating using a combination of his/her country’s rating system and actually observing flying skills. An Observer/Instructor may choose to, or not to, require that all flying tasks be performed. The Observer/Instructor should administer the appropriate test. Oral testing is acceptable. It must be insured that the right-of way rules and FAR’s are understood. It must be clear that many sites have particular rules and protocol that must be learned and followed. The foreign pilot must complete the overall time, tasks and judgment requirements for each rating. Applicants must be full USHPA members in order to apply. Observers/Instructors are to mark the application ’Foreign Pilot’ and include a copy of the foreign rating with the application.

Operation by Foreign Pilots Holding IPPI Ratings
Foreign pilots holding IPPI cards may operate in the US as if they held the equivalent USHPA rating provided that the pilot presents him/herself to the site director at all sites to be flown and receives the local and national regulations, and obtains a USHPA membership. Thirty (30) day temporary USHPA memberships are acceptable for this purpose. Pilots operating with an IPPI card will not be issued a USHPA rating. Foreign pilots wanting a USHPA rating should apply using the procedure outlined in previous procedure.

Requests for Information by Foreign Pilots
If a foreign pilot contacts the USHPA office requesting information about flying in the US, the USHPA staff will advise the pilot to get an IPPI card. USHPA will advise the pilot to obtain USHPA membership, and will forward necessary application materials for a full and/or 30 day membership, so that the pilot will have appropriate insurance when flying in the US.

APPI representative for 'US' is Dale Covington.

Beware: Only schools whose manager has paid his annual membership fee, are shown below.

APPI flight schools and flight centers:

Big Sky Paragliding School two stars Flight school (12)
259 E Kelsey ave, UT 84111 Salt Lake City
Website: www.flybigskypg.com
Services: Courses - Tandem flights - Expeditions -
Manager: Dale Covington (10138)
- Big Sky Paragliding has been operating since 1990. We teach students to be pilots, and teach instructors to train exceptional students. Small classes and personalized training make a (...)


Lake Suzy Airport Florida
11970 SW KINGSWAY CIRCLE LAKE SUZY, FL 34269, 34269 port charlotte
Activities : Paragliding
- FAA ID: 20FL Grass runway 3800 ft x 150 ft Lat/Long: 27-02-33.2040N 082-02-37.3160W / 27-02.553400N 082-02.621933W 27.0425567,-82.0436989 (estimated) Time zone: UTC -4 (UTC -5 during Standard Time) Zip code: (...)