Vertical Dimension Flying Center
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Paragliding Two stars school Flight school , Paramotor Two stars school Flight school , Paratrike Two stars school Flight school, Vertical Dimension Flying Center (182)

Country : Bulgaria

Website :

Manager : Tzvetan Tzolov (12021)

Address : Dobroslavsko shose, 1247 Mramor

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Phone number : +359888024143

Mobile number : +359888024143

Registered on: 21 Mar 2015

Services Qualifications Instructors Assistants Tandems
  • Courses
  • Tandem flights
  • Expeditions
  • Equipment repair
  • APPI PPG Instructor
  • PPG Advanced instructor

Other services :
Free paragliding tandem flights from mountain, hill or winch tow. Paratrike tandem flights. All kind of PG and PPG equipment sales. All kind of PG and PPG equipment repair.

Description: Vertical Dimension paragliding club offers tandem introductory paragliding flights, paragliding courses, paragliding equipment sales and service. Located in Bulgaria, just 15 min North of Sofia. We offer tandem flights and courses 7 days a week year round both in the mornings and evenings.

GPS coordinates : 23°16′45"E, 42°47′55"N (see in google map)

Main school flight site : Vertical Dimension Flying Center

Open from : january until december