Professional Specialties

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Handifly Tandem Pilot

Need to be Non-commercial Tandem pilot.
Speciality validated by a Master Instructor Handifly certified.

Group Leader

Group Leader are APPI Tandem Pilots who want to continue their formation and APPI Education and have the skill to guide groups of Pilots. Group Leaders help with all facilities and organization, being in charge, and taking care of paragliding groups, travels and expeditions. Groupe Leaders are not authorized to use radio guidance communication, or take responsibility for pilots during the flights.

Sky Guide

APPI Sky Guides are top rating APPI Guides, with bivouac attitude, and Instructors who have demonstrated a thorough experience in guiding paragliding groups. APPI Sky Guides are allowed to use radio guidance and to guide groups of pilots of any level at any flying site, having 2 pilots or students in radio guidance at the same time.

SIV Tandem Pilot

SIV (Simulation d’Incident en VOL) Tandem Pilots course is designed for tandem pilots on their way to become advanced tandem pilots.

Advanced Tandem Pilot

APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot is a Tandem Pilot who has special skills in Tandem SIV and Tandem Cross Country. Advanced Tandem Pilots are Tandem Pilots with the best qualifications who are on their way to become APPI Instructors and Tandem Pilot Instructors.

SIV Instructor

APPI SIV Instructors are specialists and experienced Pilot educators who have demonstrated a thorough experience in APPI System of Paragliding Education, conducting a large range of programs and courses. The teaching status SIV Specialist Instructor is able to give from a history of safe flying, SIV courses, collapses and manoeuvres with paragliding and simulation of accidents. They are able to train any level of Pilot, from APPI Solo Pilots to Advanced Pilots.

Acro & D-bag Trainer

APPI Acro & D-bag Trainer Specialists are SIV Specialist Instructors with increasing techniques in acrobatic flights.
The teaching status SIV Specialist Instructor is able to give SIV courses through acrobatic training courses, to all level of pilots and higher rating Instructors.

XC Instructor

Cross Country Specialists are APPI Instructors and experienced pilot educators who have top skills in cross country performance, able to conduct a range of APPI programs and courses from basic to advanced levels. Cross Country Specialist Instructor are expert in expeditions, thermals and flying techniques in long distance flights.

Speed Ride Instructor

Instructor specialized in speed-ride.
Validated by a certified Speed ride master. Pro Tandem Pilots/Instructors having the specialty Speed ride instructor N° Firstname Lastname Country Certification Website School
11148 (...)

Handifly Instructor

Coming soon.

First Aid Rescue Instructor

Any diploma certified by the Red Cross or equivalent, capable of delivering a first aid certificate.

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