School event

7th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship

School : Paragliding Academy Sarajevo

Instructor in charge : Mirvad Zenuni (11413)

Type : Competition

Status : Expired

From : Aug 17, 2013

until : Aug 25, 2013

Place : About Flying site Bjelasnica For centuries several authentic mountain villages has been woven into Bjelasnica Platoue where, until the early 90s, lived about 2,500 inhabitants mostly farmers and shepherds. In the prehistoric age, this area was populated by Romans, who upon the arrival of Slav tribes in Bosnia has been gradually assimilated by newcomers as well as pushed from lower more fertile fields into the mountain heights. Long it has been believed that the area of Bjelasnica villages has been stronghold of Bogomil faith, or area where Bogumil teaching retained the longest. Because of its superior elevation, Bjelasnica is natural border between continental and Mediterranean climate, but also a place of daily clashes between warm and cold air currents which brings abundant rainfall and above-average low temperature throughout the year. This represents special natural advantage in terms of winter sports development. At Bjelasnica highest peak (2067 meters) average temperature year around is only 0.7 º, whereby highest temperature in summer time is only about 24 º, and the lowest winter minus 41 º Celsius. Bjelasnica has 10,000m of well treated ski-trails, which surely belongs to the steepest and most challenging in the region: Starting ski positions are at 2000 and finishing at 1200 meters above sea leven. In 1984, the mountain played host to the Winter Olympics Games and has continued to be a great place for paragliding, hiking, biking, skiing and village tourism ever since. Bjelasnica is reachable from Sarajevo by a wide, and well cared for road.

Country : Bosnia and Herzegovina

Description : Extreme Sports Club Sarajevo and National Aero Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as contest organizers, invite you to participate in the 7th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship and wish you a sincere welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its capital Sarajevo.

The contest will be held on the Olympic mountain Bjelasnica in the period from 17.08.2013. to 25.08.2013. and all predictions are that this will be the most popular World Championship so far.
Bjelasnica mountain rises above Sarajevo and has acquired its popularity during the 1984 Winter Olympics where Alpine skiing disciplines were held.
In addition to winter sports Bjelasnica is very well known by many other "outdoor sports" such as: mountain biking, motocross / quad bike riding, hiking, canyoning through one of the deepest and certainly the most beautiful canyon in Europe, Rakitnica river canyon 26 km long ... ranked by the National Geographic in the top 10 adventure destinations in 2012, and Bjelasnica in the first place as the best location for sports and recreation in the world.

Many paragliding pilots have made their first flights from this mountain, which offers excellent conditions for paragliding.
Extreme Sports Club Sarajevo organized four successful competitions at this site, four consecutive years in the same period in which we plan to implement the organization of the World Championship, because, according to wind statistics, most of the days with a northeast wind, which is ideal for take-off on the northern slopes and landing in Babin do, are during the month of August. Of course, Bjelasnica has backup options for almost all wind directions.

We announce to all competitors and visitors that Extreme Sports Club Sarajevo is available for everything related to competition and your visit to Sarajevo, hotel reservations, organizaton of transport airport-Bjelasnica-Sarajevo... training organization and transportation to take-off for those who decide to come before the contest and anything else you might need during your stay in Sarajevo.

We would like to note that the famous Sarajevo Film Festival is held in the same period and in recent years it has become the biggest event in BiH, so if you plan to bring someone with you, we are sure they will be delighted by a program that the city of Sarajevo offers in that period.

As we near to actual date of competition we will provide all relevant information for You dear visitors.
Event details Welcome to site of Accuracy Paragliding World Championship Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013. This site is offering pleriminary data regarding champonship.

Place and Date

Babin do, Bjelasnica mountain, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 17 Aug to 25 Aug 2013.


Extreme Sport Club Sarajevo and National Aeroklub of Bosnia and Herzegovina (NAC) on behalf of Fédération Aéronautique Internationale


Organize a safe and fair competition. Advertise paragliding and paragliding accuracy in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. Advertise the Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Bjelasnica Olympic mountain for participating pilots.


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