School event

SIV Course

School : Entrenúvols

Instructor in charge : Jordi Marquillas (11469)

Type : Course

Status : Expired

From : Jul 29, 2013

until : Aug 01, 2013

Place : La Pobla de Segur, Sant Antoni lake.

Country : Spain

Description : Introduction:
Complete SIV techniques course. You will learn all the techniques to control any situation in thermal flights.
You will also learn active piloting techniques to learn to anticipate to the incident avoiding it.
We will try to teach you all the essential technique all pilots should master to fly safely in thermal flights.
Doing this course you will obtain APPI SIV Pilot certification.

Don’t worry about terminology. We offer a SAFETY COURSE. You can call it SIV, SMIV, Pilotage... We apply different techniques to reach a goal: FLY SAFELY.
SIV: Stands for "Simulation des Incidents en Vol". First step of safety trining. Pilot only look the glider reaction, without do any action.
SMIV: Stands for "Simulation et Matriage des Incidents en Vol": Second step. In this case "Matriage" stands for "Control". Pilot starts to do some actions to control actively the wing.
Pilotage: The same as above without incidents training and only the "active" part. Pilotage is the same as acro...
Our course: You will practise incidents in flight (SIV) and how to control (SMIV) and avoid them (Pilotage and acro).
Of course, if you want, we will encourage to test your reserve and learn how to use it.

All flights are filmed and analyzed after the flights.
Theorical lessons included

About Instructor:
The instructor of the course is Jordi Marquillas.
10 years of experience teaching SIV courses.
Test Pilot for EN certification. Permanent contact with new gliders and new tendencies.
Member of Spanish Acro Team
Ex-member of Spanish XC Team
Safety courses are evolving continuosly, like the new design tendencies and gliders behavior.

About Team:
Very experienced tow and boat operators. Official tow boat for Acrolac competition and more events in Europe.

About place:
You have to take swimsuit, solar protection and your glider.
Take-off and landing at the same place. No car, no travel to the take-off. Just swim, look the other pilots or drink something to the "chiringuito" near the landing.
Freshwater lake, no problem for the equipment.
We will give you live-jackets and water-proof bag.

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