School event

Employment offer for certified tandem pilot in China

School : Paraglide Yunnan

Instructor in charge : Michel xxxx (10487)

Type : Employment offer

Status : Expired

From : Jun 01, 2014

until : Aug 31, 2014

Place : Near Chendu , province sichuan

Country : China

Description : I’ve been appointed to set up a European standards professional school and tandem operation at this resort town in Sichuan Province, China.

The following has been calculated for the start up year of this resort, the base salary may not be there next year. The owner is flexible.
Only certified pilots and instructors will be employed at this school offering flights for student passengers.
This is a private site with exclusive tandem operations and teaching facilities.

Site description
400m. vertical facing east.
130 m x 360m grass LZ ( will have ppg and tandem ppg trike)
Sleads / plouffs 8 mins.
Thermic 15 mins.
As you know most asians cant take more than 15 mins...

Turn around is 1 hour per flight
Top landing turn around .5 hours..

All roads are paved.
Vehicles are new.

Tandem Pilot employment:
· Pilot receives 200 RMB per student passenger plus 2000 rmb base salary per month.

Suplied by the resort.

· Accommodations and home cooked meals at the house supplied by the resort.
· New NK tandem wing, pilot harness, passenger harness, tandem rescue and helmets and gloves.
· All transportation to takeoff and from landing for pilot and student passenger.
· Flight bookings and payments of the student passengers.
· Explanation to the student passenger in which the flight is an introduction to paragliding (a course) and the risks involved in learning paragliding.
· Signed assumption of risk and liability forms by the student passenger. See: APPI document, liability forms.
· 1 SD card for each student passenger or 1 for a small group.
· 1 certificate of flight from the resort for each student passenger.

Pilot prerequisite:
· International tandem certification, APPI or your country of origin tandem certification.
· Valid Chinese visitor’s visa or work visa.( visitor visa ok for first year)
· 2 years previous experience as tandem pilot.
Pilot supplies the following.
· Go pro camera on an extendable stick.
· Suitable footwear for the terrain.
· Smile
Pilot task:
· Assess the weather conditions of the day and report to the resort if flying is not possible.
· Greet the student passenger and brief him/her on their introduction to paragliding course.
· Explain the basics of the wing’s flying characteristics; its construction and the weather, which makes us, soar.
· Takeoff, fly and land according to APPI’s tandem procedures.
· After the flight give the SD card to the passenger containing videos and photos during and after the flight. Take off and landing filming is optional considering the passenger’s abilities.
· Present the signed flight certificate to the passenger student.
· Accompany the passenger to the vehicle and resort.

Pilots are responsible for the school’s equipment.

Damaged wings need to be repaired by the Niviuk factory in China.
Dirty equipment needs to be cleaned by the pilot on the same day, ( landing in muddy rice field??)

Visitor visa 90 days.

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