School event

Thermalling/XC Course Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

School : Temple Pilots Paragliding School

Instructor in charge : Avi Malik (10135)

Type : Course

Status : Expired

From : Oct 31, 2014

until : Nov 05, 2014

Place : Bir, Billing, Himachal Pradesh, India

Country : India

Description : Tour de Himalayas 2014 - blue skies, big thermals, magical mountains, stunning scenery, epic flights n friends to share it all with. I call it the tour for Ascension and Expansion.
Open to both experienced pilots looking to go further and first timers who wish to open the doorway to Himalayan flying.
Tour Fees - Rs.5000/- experienced pilots
Thermalling/XC Course Fees - Rs. 20,500/-
No. of participants - 07 pilots only for the Thermalling/XC Course
Course Duration - 4 Days + 2 extra days for familiarisation flights n bad weather.
Eligibility : Club Pilot Rating, Min. Flying Hrs experience of 20 Hrs, SIV or Progression Course. Pilots should not need any assistance for launching, landing n dealing with collapses.
The Flying season opens beginning of October and pilots have one month to get requisite flying hours n do a Progression Course.
Equipment/Instruments - Certified glider, Safety Parachute (packed freshly), Radio and a variometer
Clothing- Flight suit or appropriate warm clothing and flying gloves
All pilots on the Tour must have a Flying License and Insurance cover
Food/Stay/Site Transportation - TP will assist you, pilots can share rooms and pay at actuals on cost sharing basis
Dates : 31st Oct to 5th Nov 2014
Please call +91 9822433052 write to to help us plan your trip.

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