School event

North Greece Flying Safari. Come to fly the sensational Northern Greece high mountains!

School : Olympic Wings

Instructor in charge : Asterios Makrovasilis (10724)

Type : Expedition

Status : Expired

From : Jun 08, 2019

until : Jun 15, 2019

Place : North Greece

Country : Greece

Description : Olympic Wings offers the North Greece Flying Safari to give pilots the experience of paragliding at the most fascinating flying sites of the central and North mountains in Greece.
We have selected climate and geo diverse flying sites of the mountains in the north of Greece that have been chosen by pilots from all over Europe for their interesting conditions and beautiful landscapes.

Fantastic thermal conditions with diverse geological aspects and great XC possibilities at all of the sites.
We will not only take you between take offs and landings but most important support you from our own experience of competition and XC flying in the areas with key information to understand and make the best use of the local weather systems and route options always with safety.
We can ensure you will enjoy your days flying at the different sites, improve your skills and meet the challenges of each and every flight.

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