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What is APPI?

APPI is a pioneer Paragliding International organization, which brings evolution and best quality for Paragliding Education.

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Choose your Paragliding Certification Learning Preference
Join a Class : Join a scheduled paragliding class around the world at an APPI Fly School.
Try it First : Try a ’Discover Paragliding’ experience at an APPI Fly Center, available locally or on vacation.
Get Educated with an APPI (...)

How to join APPI

Welcome to APPI !
Paragliding without borders with the best standard everywhere you go! An evolutionary system and worldwide flying community.

Join APPI by Equivalence

You are very welcome to join APPI, the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors Worldwide!
Equivalence for pilots and tandem pilots
If you are already a confirmed pilot, you want to become an APPI member.
Check which federations allow you APPI equivalence. Should your issuing (...)

Get affiliated

How can an Association, Federation or Club join APPI?
The best way to introduce APPI into an Association or Club is to hold an APPI workshop and to be validated as instructor.
An APPI Master and Representative give a 3-5 day APPI workshop. The contents are: Operational and APPI System in (...)

What APPI and FAI do

What is the difference between the APPI card and the IPPI card (from FAI) ?
The two cards are for different purposes. The APPI card shows a certain level of training has been received & is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, and partner Associations and (...)

APPI & Local Laws

Important Information to uphold APPI procedures:
APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI system, and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI is recognized by the legal authority managing free flight in that country. Check with the (...)

Rules and Regulations

Your paragliding activity (solo, tandem, instruction) must comply with the laws of the country in which it is performed.
As an APPI Member, one should be familiar with paragliding related legislation and protocols specific to one’s region.
APPI certification is internal to (...)

APPI Certification Cards

Your APPI Paragliding Certification Card is proof that you’ve successfully completed your APPI training.
Your APPI Certification Card has a permanent validity, as well you need to order a new card only if you have acquired a new certification or specialty.
The APPI card requires a clear head (...)


David Arrufat
Mastermind and president of APPI Educational System, David is directing APPI to ensure APPI best standards and propagation around the world. Accro pionner, SIV Master, David has large experience background in projects management, with unique simplicity and good humor.
Christian (...)


1. Does having an APPI card alone is recognize to operate in any site around the world?
APPI is an international certification that includes all the requirements for flying paragliding among the major federations and associations around the world. The APPI schools and instructors help the (...)

Fees & payment

APPI Welcomes all pilots and professional pilots
From June 2012, the affiliation fee will be 25 Euros only for everybody, with the success of APPI and the number of pilot joining around the world we can now decrease the price.
Registration is free, and will be always free. (...)

APPI presentation video
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    Qatar flying school
  • Blue Sky Paragliding
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  • Escola 4 ventos
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  • Colombia Paragliding
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  • Fly Anatolia Paragliding School
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    New Zealand
  • Parque Nacional de Parapente Gran Cañon del Chicamocha
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  • Paraviation Flight School
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    United Kingdom
  • Temple Pilots Paragliding School
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  • Evolution Mind Body Flight
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    United States
  • APPI International
    APPI International
  • Himalayanskysafaris
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  • UKPPG PPG Training School (March Aerodrome)
    UKPPG PPG Training School (March Aerodrome)
    United Kingdom
  • Paramotoring Ireland
    Paramotoring Ireland
  • Ecole Haut Les Mains
    Ecole Haut Les Mains
  • Bruce Goldsmith Instruction
    Bruce Goldsmith Instruction
  • Exo-fly Paragliding School
    Exo-fly Paragliding School
  • Simorgh Aviation Sports Club.Amidi (Iran APPI School)
    Simorgh Aviation Sports Club.Amidi (Iran APPI School)
  • Cirus

  • Creation of APPI Pedagogical Committee

    The role of this committee is to take decisions about education system, contents of courses, exams, educational manuals, the choice of APPI masters, to black list members, to manage the complaints not resolved by the secretary, and to propose modifications of the internal rules about pedagogic (...)
  • Recall harnesses GIN Gingo Airlite for inspection

    Gin Gliders Inc. recalls the last model Gingo Airlite (released in 2012) to perform a precautionary inspection and check after a few months of use the harness is still consistent with our quality standards. We ask owners of harness Gingo Airlite (Serial No. which the 3rd and 4th digits are "12". Exp xx12-xxxx) to contact their dealer for a (...)
  • Here are the comments about my APPI training

    After following the training course APPI Advanced pilot and Open sky tandem, I would like to thanks the Paragliding school X-ailes and the Instructor Alexis Rodriguez for is patience and professionalism. I’ve been traveling for 15 years and did have the chance to get train into paragliding in different country, but APPI is the most structured (...)
  • General Meeting 2013

    APPI General Assembly 2013 has been held on 25 January 2013. New statutes were adopted.
  • APPI solo pilot Logbook for download

    APPI Solo pilot Logbook version 2013 is available online. Go to: Instructors ⇒ Download documents.