Professional courses and certifications

Professional courses

Non-commercial Tandem

The APPI Non-commercial Tandem Pilot rating is the first step of APPI Professional rating. You want to learn a safe way to share your passion of flying, join an APPI tandem course!

The APPI tandem course is open to pilots with APPI advanced pilot qualification or equivalent. Note, no minors can take the Tandem course...

Pro Tandem

The APPI Pro Tandem Pilot qualification certifies tandem pilots with solid tandem skills and experience. This qualification is obtained by passing an exam that evaluates the professionalism of the tandem pilot, his ability to work efficiently with a high safety level….

Assistant Instructor

The Assistant Instructor rating is the first qualification in APPI for those who are eager to teach paragliding. Assistant Instructors provide student pilots with quality knowledge and skill development through APPI programs and courses. They operate under the supervision of an APPI Instructor or Master.


APPI Instructors have a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Their pedagogical abilities in teaching paragliding make them a solid choice to learn paragliding from….

Master Instructor

APPI Master Instructors are experienced instructors who have achieved the highest APPI Instructor ratings. Master Instructors have a wealth of experience in conducting a wide range of programs and courses. Master Instructors are committed in the development of the APPI educational system. They influence changes to APPI programs and standards.

Professional certifications

Advanced Tandem

APPI Advanced Tandem Pilot has the prerogative of flying Tandem in Cross Country. This certification is gained when the pilot holds SIV tandem pilot certification and solo perfo certification.

Group Leader

Group Leaders are APPI Tandem Pilots who have the skill to guide groups of Pilots. They help with all facilities and organization, and take care of paragliding group travels and expeditions. Group Leaders are not authorized to use radio guidance communication, or take responsibility for pilots during the flights. However use of radio for safety purpose is recommended.

Sky Guide

APPI Sky Guides are xc Instructors who have demonstrated a thorough experience in guiding paragliding groups, with bivouac flight experience. Sky guides master at least one large mountain area where they are a reference for XC or bivouac flight adventures.

SIV Instructor

APPI SIV Instructors are allowed to run SIV courses. SIV instructor exam has 4 parts. these test
- the personal piloting skills,
- theoretical knowledge about piloting theory,
- ability to prepare a course with a good pedagogy, excellent safety,
- ability to make clear briefings, guide manoeuvers with a high level of anticipation and global awareness.

Acro & D-bag Trainer

APPI Acro & D-bag Trainer are instructors in acrobatic flights.

XC Instructor

APPI XC Instructors are experienced instructors who have top skills in cross country flying, they are experts in thermal techniques and long distance flights.

Speed Ride Instructor

Instructor specialized in speed-riding, aka skiing on snow while flying under a small canopy.

SIV Tandem

SIV Tandem course is designed for tandem pilots that want to explore the limits of their tandem glider. According to APPI rules, this certification is mandatory before to go XC in tandem.

Handifly Instructor

Handifly instructors are instructors that are dedicated in teaching how to operate tandem flying with disabled passengers, Also they are dedicated to teach paragliding to disabled people on a wide range of disabilities.

Handifly Tandem

This course gives you techniques not only to fly passengers with limited mobility but also to deal with a wide range of different disabilities.

Technical certifications

Inspection & Maintenance instructor

Instructor authorized to teach techniques to inspect glider, harness, reserve and other accessories.

First Aid Instructor

Monitor of the International Red Cross, Red Crescent or equivalent, allowed to teach first aid and issue first aid certificate.