Pilot courses and certifications

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APPI 1 Open Sky Pilot

Open Sky Pilot is the first degree in the APPI Education System. The student learns how to prepare, inflate and control the wing on the ground (Ground Handling) and have his/her first solo flight experience. At this level, all activity is done under an Instructor’s supervision.

APPI 2 Adventure Pilot

Adventure Pilot is a school pilot improving his skills and knowledge on his way to becoming an independent pilot. At the learning flying-site and under Instructor’s supervision, he is capable of flying from the take-off to the landing zone in stable weather conditions.

APPI 3 Pilot

APPI Pilot is a student who has achieved the first step to become an Independent Pilot.
They are able to analyze different weather conditions, take the appropriate decision, and perform a safe flight without supervision at their learning flying site.
Flying at different sites, APPI Pilots are recommended to choose places where they can have the assistance of an APPI School.
In any APPI School around the world, they will be welcomed by the APPI professional and they will receive important information in order to fly safely.

APPI 5 Advanced Pilot

An APPI Advanced Pilot is a pilot with a wide range of skills and knowledge. He shows a solid experience. This qualification is the door for more advanced practices like tandem flying, and why not go Professional.

APPI Paramotor

Conversion to APPI Paramotor Pilot in 10 day course.

XC Pilot

Cross Country Pilots are pilots who want who have better skills in thermaling and distance flying. APPI 3 solo pilots can participate in this course, targets are different upon to the instructor’s supervision and students level.
To attend this course, it is recommended to have at least the basic siv certification.

Perfo. Pilot

Performance Pilots are pilots who want to improve distance flying skills with a high level of safety. Both APPI pilots and Advanced Pilots can participate in this course.
The goals vary, according to the instructor’s supervision and student’s level.

SIV and advanced SIV

Get to know the glider’s limits and learn to avoid and recover from flights incidents.
This safety training is given over the water by a SIV certified instructor.

Acro and D-bag

APPI Acro courses are designed for Pilots who intend to learn and progress in special techniques of acrobatic flights. Courses are given over the water by an APPI acro instructor.

Mini wing

Certifies that the pilot attended succesfully a course about flying with a mini-wing type paraglider. Miniwing flying is defined by a load in excess of 5kg/m2 flat area.

Speed ride

certifies that the pilot attended succesfully a speed riding course. Speed riding is about how to ski on snow flying a glider loaded in excess of 5kg/m2 flat area.


Certifies that the pilot attended a course to take care of disabled pilots or passengers, on a wide range of possible flying activities. This includes ability to help paraplegic pilots take off with wheel chair (pusher), assist handifly tandem pilot while operating with their specific passengers.

Rescue Packer

Certifies that the owner attended and successfully completed a course about how to recognize, control, pack and install different models of rescue and in various kinds of paragliding harness.

Winch technician

Certifies that the owner is able to operate, clean and repair a winch and is able to winch to tow paragliders.

Inspection and Maintenance Expert

This certification shows that its owner masters a wide range of techniques to inspect glider, harness, reserve and other accessories. He is able to decide if they are airworthy or not.
He is able to rig a wing, produce lines using splicing technique, change lines, check and adjust the trim of a glider.
Evaluate the breaking strength of the lines.
Evaluate the aging of the cloth, make minor repairs.
Check harness ageing.
Inspect, pack and install different models of rescue and in various kinds of paragliding harness.
Masters the use of various tools: VLS, Vorner, Betsometer, Porosimeter, Breaking Strength Controller, as well as basic techniques to achieve a proper evaluation of the airworthiness of paraglider gear.

First Aid Certificate

First aid certificate issued by the International Red Cross, Red Crescent or equivalent.