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Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors


- The Japanese version of the APPI solo pilot logbook is available in download section.
- New APPI IBAN for bank transfer: CH50 0900 0000 1531 2043 9 - BIC: POFICHBEXXX
- Following the infection of the Coronavirus and the closure of the means of transport in Europe, the sending of the cards has been delayed, however cards have been sent recently, but due to the limited number of international flights the cards may take longer than usual to reach you.
- Beware: Due to corona virus epidemic, the pro-workshop in USA is rescheduled to October 15-25, 2020 and the pro-workshop in May in Gagra are delayed to an unknown date.

List of the forthcoming pro-workshops and pro-courses: Click on it for details

Pro-workshop 67 - Tandem, Bolivia, ., From 01 Jun 2020 until 12 Jun 2020

With: Marko Hrgetic, Sebastian Carpio Vélez
Collaborating school: Paragliding school Flumen (Escuela de Vuelo).
Contact & registration tel:, email:

Pro-workshop Tandem pilot, Bolivia,

Online theory form June 1st till June 12th.

Practical part TBA!

Pro-course 88 - Tandem, Turkey, Alanya, From 19 Jun 2020 until 26 Jun 2020

With: Mendo Veljanovski, Milica Marinkoviç Güler
Collaborating school: Acro Macedonia.
Contact & registration tel:, email:

Tandem course in Tureky With Mendo Veljanovski

Pro-workshop 87 - Tandem, Iran, Zanjan, From 28 Aug 2020 until 03 Sep 2020

With: Shahin Fallah, Mohammad Hossein Panahi Nejad
Collaborating school: Iran Paragliding School.
Contact & registration tel:, email:

APPI workshop for paragliding tandem pilots.

PDF - 167.3 kb
APPI Tandem Pro-workshop, Zanjan, Iran 2020
APPI tandem pro-workshop August 28-September 3, 2020, Zanjan, Iran

Pro-workshop 84 - Tandem + Instructor, United States, Salt Lake City, Utah, From 15 Oct 2020 until 25 Oct 2020

With: Dale Covington, Marko Hrgetic
Collaborating school: Big Sky Paragliding School.
Contact & registration tel:+1 8016991462, email:

APPI pro-workshop for tandem pilots and instructors.

Best of May 2020
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A paraglider is an absolutely amazing opportunity to take flight and feel like a bird. The only alternative that allows you to feel the sensation of flying is Mostbet.

Change your life! Paragliding with APPI Instructors in APPI Schools will allow you to transform your life learning to fly with safety and fun.

Education: a multitude of paragliding courses are available at APPI. Whether
- its your first paragliding experience,
- you wish to improve your skills,
- or you want to become a paragliding professional,
you will find the right course in the APPI Education System.

Experience: APPI instructors are certified according to high standards. They will provide you with an excellent teaching using the latest pedagogic methods to insure you make an easy and safe progression.

Safety: Safety is an essential aspect of paragliding. APPI instructors are trained to control the risk with specific APPI procedures, and to teach to their students the safe pilot’s attitude.

APPI: Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors will teach you how to fly a paraglider or improve your existing skills. APPI instructors are trained to control the risk with Motsbet India.

Fun: APPI supports you flying for fun, beauty, and as a way of living. You will find APPI schools in the most exotic destinations that will fulfill your dreams. Join a worldwide community of paragliding enthusiastics!

General Data Protection Regulation with APPI:

Any APPI member must confirm the acceptance of the storage of their personal data in the database, in accordance with the law named " General Data Protection Regulation" which is in force in the European community and in Switzerland.
If the member has not personally accepted the storage of this data, within 2 months we erase his personal data and invalidate the account. However we do not erase these qualifications, to allow on the express request of the pilot to write and validate these data later and confirm his/her account.
If you have the status "unconfirmed", please click on the button "Modify/confirm my information" from "My account" page, if needed modify your personal information, then click on the OK button at the bottom of the page.

We do not require you to confirm any of your details. If you don't give us permission to store your personal data, we will simply erase it after 2 months. But on the Mostbet Official Website, you will need to go through a verification procedure. This is an extremely important step.

APPI makes you HAPPY!

APPI provides a paragliding license based on a high quality of paragliding, and an education system that is recognized internationally among all APPI schools worldwide, and partner Associations and Federations.

APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI system, and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done, unless APPI is recognized by the legal authority managing free flight in that country. Your paragliding activity must comply with the laws of the country in which it is performed. Check with the local federation if such an agreement exists, in some countries, APPI is the official education system.