1. Does having an APPI card alone is recognize to operate in any site around the world?

APPI is an international certification that includes all the requirements for flying paragliding among the major federations and associations around the world. The APPI schools and instructors help the pilots to comply with local regulations and legally fly on each flight site.

Example: A swiss Instructor welcomes one APPI pilot validated by an APPI instructor from Ecuador. He knows APPI instructors follow best standard, so it is easy for the pilot to be recognized and to get any equivalence, if needed.

2. Does an APPI card has same rating mention with FAI IPPI card? Therefore, does one instructor can issue such APPI card regardless any country he/she comes from?

YES. And APPI includes many more specialties of paragliding Certifications ( SIV Accro, speed ride....), going until high professional qualifications, more than 39 courses certifications from student to master degree.
More info about APPI and FAI here.

3. Does APPI require endorsement from country sport regulatory?
Does an instructor from any country need an endorsement from their national Association before issuing APPI?

APPI instructors usually are instructors of their own federation, in their countries. APPI recognize all instructors, no any endorsements are necessary.

4. What clauses to prevent any APPI instructor from going around the world and offer training? Especially country not he/she came from nor residence?

APPI is international, without border. APPI is promoting pilots to fly all around the world in respect of all local rules and regulation. APPI is international platform for pilots, instructors and schools, in accordance with FAI.

Usually, APPI instructors are also instructors on their own local Association, and APPI works directly with schools and instructors - as an International Standard of certification, it is easier to follow procedures and less politics. APPI support and promote paragliding in every country.

5. How does APPI relate to others Associations/ Federations and Clubs?

For APPI, the local Association/ Federation and Clubs are very important, as they are dealing with local rules and regulations. They can use APPI as a support and pressure to promote and develop local Air Sport. APPI will always give support and affiliate Associations/ Federations with high graduation standards.

6. How an instructor can register a pilot?

- Register by equivalence:
If the pilot has a license from Switzerland, France or UK, he/her can get the APPI license by equivalence, otherwise you have to evaluate the skills of the pilot, and if the pilot has not the level requested, a course should be proposed.
Please, send to APPI a copy of his/her Certifications + a short resume of logbook and experience + First Aid certification, recognized by Red Cross (if he/her is applying for advanced or professional pilot equivalence).
By approval of the documents, he/her will be registered in progress status, until validation of an APPI Instructor (yourself) and/or a certified Master Instructor or a Pedagogical committee master, according to the level of Equivalence, and following procedures.

- Register a student after having taught a course:
Depending on the requested certification, you must comply with prerequisites of the certification, see here (click on the qualification to see the prerequisites).
Some certifications as APPI pilot, Advanced Pilot or Tandem Pilot require an exam, it is your responsibility to take the exam at your student. You can print the form here.
After that, just register your student here.
Please pay attention to Registration rules, and more help here.

7. How can an Association/ Federation get affiliated to APPI?

The Association must send to APPI their actual following paragliding rules and regulation (if they already have one), and related information regarding to the Association, so APPI can establish the Equivalence for certification, according to the country. The Association will be affiliated in a progressive manner, starting by the Instructors and schools. In APPI System the instructor is bounded with responsibility for his student’s license and the equivalence of all pilots and professional members must be regulated with APPI standard.

8. What are the most important rules one APPI Instructor must follow concerning to a pilot who arrives from different flying sites?

Any traveling certified APPI pilot must have a FREE welcome day in any APPI school around the world. APPI pilot obligation is to fly with the local school (whenever it is available) and follow local procedures.

The instructor will validate the pilot to fly alone or not. If the pilot do not have the requirements to fly on the site, one update course must be proposed. If an APPI pilot do not meet the requirements of his certification, a complaint must be done to APPI website, and following procedures to the instructor bounded with the pilot’s license number.

89 Having APPI system may require additional costing to pilot thus how does the membership work?

APPI Registration of solo Pilots and professionals pilots will be always FREE of any cost.
Only to be an active member, havong access to all site features (exams, pilot manual, downloading documents ...),
getting insurance cover and receive the Certification or license will have cost, according to the license level. It is a free pilot’s choice about being an active member.

10. How can we resume APPI in a short briefing?

The first idea of APPI is to have a graduation standard over all paragliding systems around the world to increase the security with best qualifications. To be easily recognized by any local Association or Federation. And to support local Club, Association to develop more and more paragliding with optimal safety rules.

Usually Instructor APPI are also instructors on there own Federation or Association. APPI Pilot recommendation is to go true the local school when traveling. Local instructor will validate them to fly locally on the rules an regulation and provide them to fly safe.

11. Can we join competitions with APPI license, as with FAI’s IPPI license?

No. The main of APPI is to promote worldwide best graduation standard, linking all schools and instructors for solo and professional pilots, which concerns to its educational level (See all info on what FAI and APPI do). APPI does not promote country to country competition.

FAI license exist only on the base of each countries local license to validate pilots for competition. To do FAI competitions, APPI pilots need to contact the local FAI affiliated Federation and have FAI Card.

12. I am an instructor with many years of experience, what should i do to get my APPI license?

To apply for your Equivalence go to Join APPI by equivalence, read it carefully, fill the form, then send to APPI a copy of all your licenses, First Aid Certificate, short curriculum vitae and relevant documents.
Check which federations allow you APPI equivalence, however, in any case, you will need to be validated by an APPI Pedagogical Committee Master Instructor, usually during an APPI Pro workshop. Upon approval of the application, APPI will issue an APPI Instructor Card. And following APPI Cards to all students.

13. I sent my application to APPI, but i have been listed as an assistant instructor; what do I have to do to confirm my Senior Instructor rating? Does it requires me working as a trainee?

You need to LOGIN to APPI website with the code you have received (or create a new code) and go to CONFIRM your account, upload your picture and the picture of your school.

Check that you have been validated by an APPI Pedagogical Committee Master Instructor and participed to an APPI Pro workshop.

Being validated by APPI Secretary is restricted and takes more time.

14. How can i get Equivalence to become an APPI Instructor?
You need to have all your documents approved by APPI, confirmed your Account with your personal information and uploaded pictures, and be validated by one certified APPI Pedagogical Committee Master and one APPI Master Instructor usually during an APPI Pro workshop.

15. How can i get Equivalence to become an APPI Master?

You need to be an active APPI Instructor, following APPI Education System as the first system of your school, and to be selected by the APPI Pedagogical Committee. Submit your application to APPI, and by approval of your application, get your APPI Master Certification.