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Fees and payments


APPI Welcomes all pilots and professional pilots.

Registration in APPI is free.

Nevertheless the payment of your membership is essential for our association because it is our only source of income.

But paying membership fees gives you some advantages:

For the pilots: access the APPI documentation (logbook, online pilot manual), access to online training and exams, access to the insurance offer...

For the tandem pilots: it allows you to declare your flying site and see it appear on APPI schools worldwide map and access to the insurance offer...

For the instructors: it allows you to access to the documentation, declare your school and have it appear on APPI schools worldwide map, it also allows you to register your students in APPI, and access our insurance offer...

And above all it makes you become an active member of the APPI community!

- Registration, level validation: FREE
- Annual membership fee: 27 € * (student, pilot, tandem, instructor or master)
- Supplementary affiliation for 2 years, 22 € for second year,
- Annual schools contribution: FREE
- Plastic certification card: 8 €

* Any annual affiliation fee does not include a certification card. If you wish to receive one, order and confirm when you want to have it shipped.

APPI is a non-profit independent organization that receives no financial support from governments or companies. Your contribution is vital for the continuation of our activities.


1. Go in your “My account” page...

… and click on the red PAY button.

You can pay by VISA, MASTERCARD, Diners Club International, UnionPay and Alipay card.

Due to the many problems related to payment with paypal, this method of payment is no longer offered. We are sorry for our thousands of members worldwide who wish to use Paypal, but we advise you to stop using paypal as their service is deplorable and they have nothing to do with complaints of their customers.

2. Ask any APPI Instructor (having a school) to pay for you.

In some countries it may be complicated to pay with the website because bank fees are high, or because most of the people do not have credit cards. If you meet with an APPI instructor he could pay for you (at his discretion) thru his school (button « pay for a member » in this school section). You can then pay him directly in cash.

3. Make a Bank to Bank wire money transfer.

You will be responsible for all wire fees.


- Secretary,
- Your certification card,
- Lawyer for international rights and your protection,
- Insurance dealing,
- Sponsoring projects,
- Insurance contract,
- Pedagogic development,
- Itinerant instructors and masters,
- Support of local schools,
- Instructor support,
- To improve and support APPI service, website development... .