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  • Fly Delicate Aviation School
    Fly Delicate Aviation School
  • Blue Sky Paragliding
    Blue Sky Paragliding
  • Xejuyu Free Fly Park
    Xejuyu Free Fly Park
  • Paragliding Academy Sarajevo
    Paragliding Academy Sarajevo
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Francois Bon
    Francois Bon
  • Bruce Goldsmith Instruction
    Bruce Goldsmith Instruction
  • UKPPG Training School (March Aerodrome)
    UKPPG Training School (March Aerodrome)
    United Kingdom
  • Team 5 nepal paragliding pvt(ltd)
    Team 5 nepal paragliding pvt(ltd)
  • Voar Paramotor
    Voar Paramotor
  • Acro Macedonia
    Acro Macedonia
  • Bourbon Parapente
    Bourbon Parapente
  • skysports paragliding
    skysports paragliding
  • Fly Anatolia Paragliding School
    Fly Anatolia Paragliding School
  • Twist'air Sàrl
    Twist'air Sàrl
  • Canungra Sky Sports
    Canungra Sky Sports
  • Hi Fly
    Hi Fly
  • Iran Paragliding School
    Iran Paragliding School
  • Allfly Escola de Paramotor e Paratrike
    Allfly Escola de Paramotor e Paratrike
  • Parapenteando
  • Uçuş Kulübü
    Uçuş Kulübü

  • General Meeting 2015/2016

    The General Assembly of APPI be held Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 10 am. For logistical reasons, please inform the secretariat to participate.
  • Pay for member by school

    Now the manager of an APPI school can pay the bill of any APPI member. Just click on the button: "Pay for member". Payment is permitted only if the school has sufficient credit or if an authorization has been given explicitly to the school. If necessary, the manager can buy a credit of 200 euros (or more if the operation is (...)
  • Avoid Yahoo mail

    Due to excessive spam control, many messages sent by yahoo are lost. We recommend, if possible, to not use yahoo mail, but instead another mail server.
  • Do not use APPI in school name

    To APPI school managers: all schools registered on the website by APPI instructors are all APPI schools. Using the term "APPI school" when recording the name of the school, can lead to confusion about the role of the school in the APPI system. Under these conditions, it was decided by the APPI board to ban the use of the term "APPI school (...)
  • Here are the comments about my APPI training

    After following the training course APPI Advanced pilot and Open sky tandem, I would like to thanks the Paragliding school X-ailes and the Instructor Alexis Rodriguez for is patience and professionalism. I’ve been traveling for 15 years and did have the chance to get train into paragliding in different country, but APPI is the most structured (...)